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Fire Protection & Loss Control Online



  • Online- Advanced Fire Protection Hydraulics
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $299


    This Advanced Fire Protection Certificate Program elective course will assist the fire protection professional with understanding how to calculate friction loss in both looped and complex automatic sprinkler systems as well as velocity pressure calculations.

    • Elective Course for the Advanced Fire Protection Certificate Program

  • Online- Analysis and Design of Automatic Sprinkler Systems For High Piled and Rack Storage
    Length  CEU  Price
    8 Hours  0.8  $199


    Prior knowledge of Manual Hydraulic Calculations or Attendance of the Hydraulic Calculations of Automatic Sprinkler Systems.


    Course Description:

    A recommended follow-up to Hydraulic Calculations, this course examines NFPA 13 requirements for the design of sprinkler system protection of high piled and rack storage. Students are trained to recognize proper design criterion for protection and warehouses. The program emphasizes proper classification of commodities and density selection based on storage heights and arrangements, sprinkler temperature ratings, and the presence or non-presence of in-rack sprinkler types.

    • Elective course for the Fire Protection Certificate Program

    Some topics of coverage include:

    • Classification of Commodities

    • Design Densities for High Piled Storage

    • Protection of Plastics

    • Special Definitions

    • Impact of Large Drop and ESFR Sprinklers

  • Online- Automatic Sprinkler Systems Series
    Length  CEU  Price
    40 Hours  4.0  $700

    The Series includes three online courses:

    • Review & Evaluation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems Plans & Design

    • Hydraulic Calculations of Automatic Sprinkler Systems

    • Analysis & Design of Automatic Sprinkler Systems for High Piled & Rack Storage

  • Online- Basic Principles Of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Protection
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $299

    Expert instruction by OSU faculty takes you through design and installation provisions of NFPA 13 and gives a brief introduction to inspection, testing and maintenance guidelines of NFPA 25. This basic course is designed to help professionals understand and appreciate the value and prevailing standards of automatic sprinkler protection. This course also features an introduction to hydraulic calculations that are necessary for proper design and evaluation of automatic fire sprinklers.

    • Elective course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

    Some topics of coverage include:

    • Economic and fire/safety benefits of sprinkler systems

    • Misconceptions regarding sprinkler protection

    • Introduction to Hydraulic Calculations

    • Common types of Sprinkler Systems

    • Wet pipe

    • Dry pipe

    • Pre-action

    • Deluge

    • Water supplies for sprinkler protection

    When you register for an online course, you will receive an email confirmation including a link to the OSU Online Classroom and your username and password. The course is self-paced unless otherwise noted. You have 6 months to complete the course unless otherwise noted. Download the instructional materials and view each video. Exams must be completed with a 70% or better. You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you have successfully completed the course.

    Required Textbook:

    Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, 4th edition, ISBN: 978-0-87939-398-4 IFSTA Store

  • Online- Basic Principles of Special Hazard Fire Extinguishing Systems
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $299

    This Advanced Fire Protection Certificate Program, elective course instructed by Pat Brock and Floyd Luinstra discusses water delivery to what NFPA 15 defines as Special Hazards through automatic sprinkler systems. Delivery methods discussed include: Water Spray, Water Mist, Foam Systems and alternatives to water delivery (Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical, Gaseous).

    • Elective Course for the Advanced Fire Protection Certificate Program

  • Online- Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $299

    Good fire protection requires an adequate water supply and the credibility of a fire protection specialist is tested when it becomes necessary to establish:

    • The quantity and pressure of water needed to provide adequate fire protection

    • The ability of existing water supply systems to provide fire protection in addition to domestic and industrial requirements.

    • The adequacy of a water supply in conjunction with a particular piping system to provide effective automatic sprinkler protection.

    • Alternatives for improving deficiencies.

    This course focuses on each of these points by applying the basics of fluid mechanics and the practical aspects of fire protection hydraulics. A solid foundation in fire protection hydraulics, with emphasis on testing and calculation procedures is provided by attending this course.

    • Core course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

    Required Textbook:

    Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply Analysis, 2nd Edition, by Pat D. Brock, ISBN 0-87939-171-3 Contact Fire Protection Publications at 1-800-654-4055 and order item #36492 (hard cover) or #36315 (soft cover) or order online.

  •  Online- Fire Protection Requirements of the International Building Code
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $349

    Since the first publication of the International Building Code in the year 2000, many cities, counties and states have adopted the International set of codes for use in their jurisdictions. This seminar will use the 2009 edition as the basis of instruction and will concentrate on the provisions directed toward building fire safety.


    The course will provide a good foundation for those using the International building code as the basis for building design with respect to the fire protection requirements as well as for those with plan review and code enforcement responsibilities. Topics covered will include Use Group classifications, Construction classification, height and area limits, means of egress requirements and requirements for fire extinguishing and fire alarm and detection systems. The course is particularly suitable for providing professional development hours for professional engineers and architects and Professional Development credit for those maintaining NICET certification.

    • Core course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

  • Online- Fundamentals of Process Safety Online Course Registration
    Length  CEU  Price
    32 Hours  3.2  $599

    This Advanced Fire Protection Certificate Program, core course guides industrial safety professionals through the history, OSHA elements of process safety, risk management, hazard identification, mechanical integrity, failure mode analysis and Tier I and Tier II events.Elective Course for the Advanced Fire Protection Certificate Program

  • Online- Hydraulic Calculation of Automatic Sprinkler Systems
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $299

    Gain new insights into hydraulic behavior, and master the industry's preferred method of sprinkler system design. This intensive seminar reviews key fundamentals while closely analyzing NFPA 13 provisions and presents a reliable 16 step hydraulic design process. This course will guide you through the mathematical calculations required for designing or evaluating hydraulically calculated systems and in the process presents a learn-by-doing format that features practical exercises, real life examples, and meaningful interaction among field professionals.

    • Core Course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

  • Online- Life Safety Code - NFPA 101
    Length  CEU  Price
    20 Hours  2.0  $400

    The Life Safety Code seminar engages safety professionals in an environment that promotes better working knowledge, informed analysis, accurate interpretation, and realistic application of the Code provisions and equivalents. Seminar participants learn what they need to know to improve job performance, and to satisfy Professional Development requirements of various employees and professional associations, per the The 2009 edition of the NFPA 101,Life Safety Code.

    • Core course for Fire Protection Certificate Program

  • Online- Life Safety Considerations with Respect to Fire
    Length  CEU  Price
    3 Hours  0.3  $89

    This course contains a brief overview of NFPA 101, The Life Safety Code®. The course objective is to introduce the student to basic principles of life safety with respect to fire which, if applied, will promote prevention of fire fatalities. The course is divided into three sessions of approximately one hour each.


    The first session contains a brief historical perspective and contains the Fundamental Principles of Life Safety as presented in Chapter Four of NFPA 101. The second session provides a survey and overview of the requirements for means of egress, which are contained in Chapter 7 of NFPA 101. This session introduces concepts such as occupant load, required width and number of exits and exit marking and illumination. The third and final session provides examples of the application of NFPA 101 to specific occupancy classifications. The NFPA 101 system of classifying occupancies is presented and Assembly occupancies and Health Care occupancies are used as examples for discussion.

  • Online- Review And Evaluation Of Automatic Sprinkler System Plans And Design
    Length  CEU  Price
    16 Hours  1.6  $299

    Learn a step-by-step plan review procedure that results in consistent service, assures optimal fire protection capability, and complies with NFPA code 13. This two-day course presents a checklist approach that reduces the probability of overlooking essential system design features.


    The course addresses both gridded and non-gridded systems, pipe schedules, hydraulic and computer assisted designs. Guided by NFPA 13, the course features practical exercises that promote confident analysis of sprinkler system designs that use hydraulic calculation techniques.


    If you are a fire marshal, fire prevention officer, property loss control specialist, fire code inspector, architect, or field professional who designs, reviews or evaluates automatic sprinkler installations, you should plan on attending.

    • Elective course for Fire Protection Certificate Program


    Pat Brock


    Required Textbook:

    NFPA 13 Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems 2007 Edition Click on link below to purchase the textbook

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