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Who We Are

The OSU Fire Council, is a system-wide organization dedicated to advancing fire-related missions, programs, and practices. The OSU Fire Council accomplishes its work through an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to education, research, and outreach with several fire-related programs across three campuses. The Council provides major advances in new fire-related knowledge and practices that lead to significant reduction in fatalities, injuries, and property losses as well as improvements in ecosystem health that directly benefit society.
The OSU Fire Council will be recognized as an unbiased authority in fire-related research, training, and education. The fire community will benefit from collaborative opportunities in interdisciplinary fire-related research in the advancement of fire knowledge and application practices.

Participating Colleges & Departments 

Standing Committees

Public Policy

Will engage in activities relating to legislative matters to include working with college and university leadership, Oklahoma State University legislative liaison in matters concerning fire programs and project, grants and funding opportunities. Will disseminate by practical means legislative information as pertaining to fire programs.







Committee Chair:

Haley Murphy

Education & Training Programs and Outreach

Will engage in activities to gather research and provide opportunities and information to the membership as related to fire programs to include furtherance of an understanding in the areas of fire standards and theories, fire-related research, possible training and education opportunities for the membership, and possible degree programs that may be born out of the activities of the OSU Fire Council.



Committee Chair:

Caroline Reed


Will engage in activities pursuant to developing a unified message based upon the mission of the OSU Fire Council to be incorporated in any and all promotional activities of all OSU Fire Council members independently and collectively. This message shall be used to promote activities of the OSU Fire Council locally, state-wide, regionally, nationally and internationally. This committee shall, at the behest of the membership, take the message of the Fire Council to events, conferences, and trade shows to promote the activities of the collective group.


Committee Chair:

Kristi Wheeler

Research & Grants

Will engage in activities pursuant to applying and being awarded grant funding and other funding opportunities that directly impacts the abilities of members, both individually, and collectively to start, continue, and see to fruition research and research-related activities related to fire programs. Special emphasis shall be placed on possible partnerships across the OSU Fire Council for possible funding of collaborative activities between various members of the OSU Fire Council.


Committee Chair:

Haejun Park

Operations Funding

Will engage in activities to research and secure possible funding sources to help with the day to day operations of the OSU Fire Council.












Committee Chair:

Ed Kirtley

OSU Fire Council Announcements

Electrical and Computer Engineering Assistant Professor Hamid Nazaripouya awarded an NSF EPSCoR grant

January 27, 2023

Dr. Hamid Nazaripouya, Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma State University was recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) that focuses on wildfire issues and its impacts on the electrical infrastructure.

Wildland-Urban Interface Conference 2022

January 25, 2022

Learn how to minimize and manage threats in the WUI at the Wildland-Urban Interface Conference. Three essential tracks ensure you and your team get everything you need. Get the latest on Fire Adapted Communities, operations & suppression, and wildland fire policy & tools. Get it all at the WUI conference before the next fire season strikes.



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