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Oklahoma State University

Fire Protection Publications

Fire Protection Publications is a department of the College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology at Oklahoma State University. IFSTA/FPP is located on the OSU campus in Stillwater, Oklahoma. 

Through the years, customers and fire service personnel who have followed the progress of our operation have noticed that at any given time it may be referred to by one of two names: Fire Protection Publications or the International Fire Service Training Association. To some, it may seem that these names can be used interchangeably. To others it is just plain confusing. This will help you understand these two different organizations and their relationship. 

FPP is the world’s leading publisher of training materials for the fire and emergency services. FPP serves as the headquarters for the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA). FPP is funded solely by revenues it generates through the sales of its materials; it does not receive funding from the university. Any funds that are left over after meeting operational expenses are used for the development of new products, capital improvements, and support of other fire service initiatives.

IFSTA is an association of fire service personnel who are dedicated to upgrading fire fighting techniques and safety through the development of high-quality, peer-validated training materials. It is governed by an Executive Board consisting of 12 elected members, 3 to 6 appointed members, and an Executive Director. The officers of the Board include the Chair, Vice Chair, and Executive Director. The Board has the sole policy-making authority for the Association so long as such policies do not conflict with the procedures of Oklahoma State University. Duties of the Board include establishing policies, establishing standing and ad hoc committees, discontinuing projects, establishing new projects, approving scope and purpose statements, approving titles for new and revised training materials, advising Fire Protection Publications on pertinent matters, and maintaining external relations with other organizations.

FPP’s primary function is to publish and disseminate training manuals as proposed and validated by IFSTA. Fire Protection Publications researches, acquires, produces, and markets high-quality learning and teaching manuals that complement the IFSTA-validated manuals.

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