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Oklahoma State University

Funding Opportunities

Funding for Graduate Students Presenting Papers at Conferences

The Associate Dean of Research (ADR) will provide matching funding for graduate student domestic travel for a presentation of a paper to a conference.
CEAT RI 001 (pdf)

Funding for Equipment Matching 

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology will receive applications for equipment matching that provide research infrastructure that are consistent with clearly identified departmental and college goals.
CEAT RI 002 (pdf)

Funding for Research Travel Grants 

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology will receive applications for travel grants that provide matching for travel with the purpose of interacting with program managers at funding agencies including, but not limited to, NSF, NIH, NASA , and various DoD agencies.
CEAT RI 003 (pdf)

Funding for Special Graduate Student Support 

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology recognizes that it can be  challenging to provide continuous support to graduate students.  Funding sources are not always stable and sometimes anticipated grants are delayed or are not awarded as expected.  In order to help, the Dean’s office is offering a program to provide support to help the graduate students in this situation.
CEAT RI 004 (pdf)

Funding for Research Working Groups

The purpose of supporting Research Working Groups is to encourage and promote collaborative and interdisciplinary research activities.  It is expected that a Research Working Group will be compromised of an interdisciplinary team with well-defined research thrusts; will identify a targeted and well-managed set of group activities; and develop and submit at least one competitive proposal by members of the group to an external funding agency in a given year.
CEAT RI 005 (pdf)