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Oklahoma State University

Printer Information

CEAT Students, Staff and Faculty have access to twelve printers and six 3D printers. The twelve paper printers are located in Engineering North, Engineering South, ATRC, Endeavor, and Architecture. 3D printers are located in the ATRC and Engineering South. Users can also scan to a USB on specific printers in Engineering South and Endeavor. To find the exact printer information and location you can click on the building(s) to learn more.

Please note that some printers are located inside classrooms and are not available while the class is in session.

Printer Address Printer Name Printer Location ARCH3 Architecture 2nd Floor ARCH4 Architecture 3rd Floor ARCH5 Architecture 3rd Floor ARCH6 Architecture 3rd Floor SEC Printer 1 ATRC Student Excellence Center SEC Printer 2 ATRC Student Excellence Center EN019p1 Engineering North 019 ES016p1 Engineering South 016 ES113p1 Engineering South 113 EN4common Engineering North 4th Floor endeavor2ndfloorp1 ENDEAVOR Parker Basement Parker Hall Basement