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Oklahoma State University

Office of the Dean

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology at Oklahoma State University was founded 125 years ago and produced the university's first graduate. The land grant missions of our great university and college advance the lives of the people of Oklahoma, the industries in the region and the technologies of our nation.  Graduates are the intellectual capital of our businesses, the informed citizenry of our state and nation, and the foundation of our communities.  The research we conduct advances the world through the development of a sustainable infrastructure, optimized energy grids, safe and reliable energy, improved delivery of medical services, solutions to complex problems, improved educational learning, and much more. 

We are focusing on helping more students reach their degrees in four years and engaging more faculty and students in research and entrepreneurial activity to address the challenges of the 21st century. The next generation of our graduates must be able to understand the world in its broadest context.  They must communicate well, understand societal contexts of their work, consider business models before beginning a project, and collaborate across time zones with a global understanding of ethics, law, politics and business practices. In addition, our graduates understand that they are leaders in their communities.  The essentials of our college’s success are built on a foundation of transforming math and science into ideas, devices and processes that improve the world around us or advance business opportunities that support our cities, states and nation.

The students seeking a degree from OSU know that it is not easy to attain, but it is a rewarding pathway in life. This past year, both CEAT and OSU enrolled record numbers of students. The academic markers of our students are the highest among any college at OSU, so are our scholarship opportunities.  The Student Excellence Center in the college was created to help students succeed in college.  Nightly tutoring, career services for internships and permanent employment, academic advising, group study space, scholarship help, and the home of student government are all part of this Center.    

The college’s commitment to deliver high quality education is intensifying as the enrollments grow. The development of the FabLab, Design Manufacturing Lab, Helmerich Research Center and a new undergraduate hands-on laboratory are allowing students to innovate, prototype and learn through invention and innovation.  Distance education is also providing greater access to education.  In the past year, CEAT has delivered more than 4,800 credit hours of technical education through online courses to more than 1,800 OSU students. This allows many students to work at internships, study abroad or pursue a degree while on active military duty. CEAT also offers courses at our OSU-Tulsa campus, as well as through our extension and continuing education efforts for professional development, certifications and career advancement.

OSU has joined the National Academies in the Grand Challenges Scholars program. This is an effort to bring faculty and students together working on sustainable and secure energy, clean water, transplant tissue, greener buildings, precision manufacturing, autonomous vehicles, advanced composites and much more. We should all be proud to live in world where the next generation of OSU graduates are delivering on the promise of a greatness.

Due to growth and innovative efforts in the college, we are excited to be offering 50 new faculty position in the coming years. Additionally, we are proud to work with generous donors in providing nearly $2.5 million in scholarships annually. One friend of the college has offered to provide a $2,500 scholarship in every person who donates $2,500 or more toward the new CEAT Undergraduate Laboratory.   There is no limit to moving forward and that is where our graduates are going.

Go Pokes,

Dr. Paul J. Tikalsky, P.E., F.ACI, F.ASCE, EACR
Dean, College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology