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Oklahoma State University

Pre Award Services

Proposal Request Form

Sponsored Research Handbook:

A complete guide to pre and post-award is found HERE.

New Proposals

  1. Send a Proposal Request Form to email at least 14 days before the deadline.
    • Please allow at least one additional week for cost share or sub-contracts.
  2. Review Solicitation
    • The Proposal development specialist will review the RFP and develop a budget template.
  3. CEAT Research Administration will provide PI with internal timeline, check list to complete the proposal routing and assemble the final proposal documents for official submission to sponsor by the submission deadline.
    • CEAT Research Administration will send a budget template based on the information given in the request form.
    • CEAT Research Administration will also work with the PI to prepare budget justification (w/ footnotes) based off of the final budget. The PI will be responsible for the project-specific information to the budget justification and return a final document for routing.
    • Cost share should be determined at the earliest time possible.
  4. Obtain the following minimum information from PI for routing purposes at least 7 days prior to the Agency deadline:
    • FINAL internal proposal budget (including approved cost share)
    • FINAL proposal budget justification
    • DRAFT Statement of Work
    • If applicable, include subaward package which includes a copy of each of the above items and a commitment letter from the entity.
    • Any letters that should be signed by the DH, ADR, or VPR.
  5. CEAT Research will complete the following for routing purposes:
    • OSU Routing Sheet
    • Agency Budget Forms
    • Complete and upload all sponsor-required forms/certifications/agreements that must be submitted.
    • Any Cost Share forms applicable
  6. Process routing for Department, College and University signature approvals prior to proposal submission.
    • Please be sure to completely fill out Part 3 - Compliance. The routing will be returned to the PI if CEAT Research receives it with incomplete information.
  7. Send all proposal documents lined out in the beginning timeline to the Proposal Development Specialist by 8 a.m. the day of deadline.
    • Please leave all headers and footers off.
    • During high-volume submission periods, we may request final documents earlier.
  8. CEAT Research will send a copy of the final proposal for the PI’s review to approve for the submission.
  9. Once the proposal is approved, CEAT Research will send a confirmation that the proposal has been successfully submitted.

Proposal Resources:

Research Website:


VPR Office:


A-133 Audit:


Grants and Contracts:

Technology Development Center:

Visit Technology Development Center's website for information on NDA’s, MTA’s and Invention Disclosures.  There’s a link to TDC via the VPR’s forms and agreements page; however, a direct link to TDC’s page may be preferable.

University Reporting:

Proposal and Award Quarterly reports for each college:

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