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David Bennett

David Bennett

Academic Advisor

About David: I am married and have two children, a boy and a girl. I am retired from the Oklahoma Army National Guard after 32 years of part-time and full-time service. I now have my dream job working for OSU. In the National Guard, I was in recruiting and am excited to continue being involved in people’s lives; being a part of their journey.


Hometown:  I grew up in Muskogee but have lived in Stillwater since 2008. I’m waiting for the magical number of years when Stillwater becomes my hometown.


High School: Muskogee High School


College: BS: Sociology (Oklahoma State University); Master in Social Work (University of Oklahoma).


Hobbies: Anything on my “Honey Do” list, working in my shop on a car, trailer, or anything metal or wood, and Uber/Lyft driver.


Favorite Music: I was at OSU in the early 90’s and alternative music was new. When I hear Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam… it takes me back. I also like everything except country.


Favorite Book: Call of the Wild by Jack London


Something not everyone knows about you: I have designed and built sets for the All-School Musicals at Muskogee High School since 2004. I have designed a working elevator, a revolving stage, and a pirate ship that sailed all around the stage.


Favorite Sayings:

The true measure of a person’s character is how they treat someone that can do absolutely nothing for them.

I can learn from everyone, it's my job to find the lesson.

Never miss a good opportunity to be quiet.


Best Advice for College Students: Education is more than sitting in the classroom. Education is also the experience of life, don’t miss your opportunities to be a part of the world.


Favorite OSU Memory: Being at the basketball game when Big Country hit the shot from the middle of the court sending the game into overtime and rushing the floor.

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