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Rachel Gonshor

Rachel Gonshor


Academic Advisor

I have my Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from OSU. I have a background working in mental health. I love helping others and I greatly valued my academic advisors while I was in college, so I am excited to serve students as an advisor.


Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

College: Oklahoma State University

Bachelor’s Human Development and Family Science

Master’s Human Development and Family Science


Hobbies: I love spending time with my friends and family, reading, doing puzzles and watching movies.


Favorite music: I will listen to anything but I really like singer/songwriter music and early 2000’s pop/punk rock music.


Favorite Movie: A Walk to Remember. I love any movie that can make me cry.


Favorite Book: There are so many, I really love a good thriller.


Favorite OSU Memory: My favorite OSU memory was from my Freshman year when I was living in the Dorms. We had a massive snow day and my friends and I spent the day running around the snow-covered campus.


Best advice to college students: Work hard in your classes and make goals for yourself but make sure you take time to enjoy the experience. This is truly a unique experience and it is important to gain some great memories as well as a quality education.

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