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Oklahoma State University

Ultrafast THz Optoelectronic Laboratory

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In the Ultrafast Terahertz-Optoelectronic Laboratory we are world technology leaders in developing systems working at terahertz frequencies which fall on the boundary between radio waves (electronics) and light (optics). The terahertz technologies being developed have applications ranging from environmental sensing to development of high speed computers. Our terahertz systems are capable of quantitative analysis of many gas species simultaneously and provide a unique way of monitoring gas compositions in industrial processes. Terahertz frequencies are used in our laboratory for radar signature analysis- we are attempting to shrink the size of radar test beds from building to table size with correspondingly scaled down cost. As computer technology reaches towards the Tera-Era many of the current methods of sending data from place to place within the computer break down. The technology being developed at our laboratories offers unique ways not only to diagnose such problems but radically new methods of transmitting such information.

The Ultrafast THz Optoelectronic Laboratory occupy approximately 3000 square feet in the basement of the Advanced Technology Research Center at OSU. The laboratory is run by Dr. Dan Grischkowsky and Dr. Weili Zhang.

These facilities include:

  • 250 square foot class 1000 cleanroom with gowning area.
  • Cleanroom teaching studio where visitors and OSU students can observe work being performed in the cleanroom and learn cleanroom techniques.
  • THz optoelectronic chip storage and prep area.
  • THz spectrometer assembly area and electronic projects area
  • Two ultrafast laser labs

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