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Chemical Engineering assistant professor Mari Andiappan part of team to receive NSF EPSCoR grant

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dr. Mari Andiappan, OSU Chemical Engineering assistant professor, in collaboration with Dr. Kaan Kalkan, OSU Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering associate professor and NSU professor Christopher Burba, has received one of four seed grants from the National Science Foundation EPSCoR Program.


The EPSCoR program is aimed at developing and testing science-based solutions for complex problems at the intersection of land use, water availability, and infrastructure in Oklahoma.


The title of the research is “Solar Desalination using Mie-Resonator Nanoparticles for Wastewater Reuse.” This project aims to develop a sustainable, low-cost, and scalable solar water desalination technology. The team will develop a novel approach using a high-photothermal efficiency dielectric Mie-resonator nanoparticles to address water scarcity problems via desalination with minimal carbon.

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