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From discovery to innovation, we are changing the world

WelcomeThe College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology

The College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology is a community of scholars, innovators and leaders who are changing the world. The preparation of professionals that anticipate the needs of a changing world is at the nexus of society, economy, ethics, sustainability and humanity. The college is committed to training leaders and professionals who innovate, design and build a resilient and sustainable local, regional and world economy.

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Today's students are the intellectual capital that will drive innovation in the future, and we place the highest priority on providing our students an outstanding education to help them succeed in their long-term career goals and aspirations.


The research landscape in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology is spanning the distance in so many ways. The goal of all our research endeavors is to create impact through a growing research enterprise that engages faculty and students in funded federal, state and industry-based innovation. 


Our Extension units bring OSU to the community and make a difference in people's lives with education, support and better fire protection.

By the numbersCollege of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology 

in scholarships were available for the 2020-2021 academic year

Financial needs based scholarships

of all CEAT students graduate with zero student loan debt

R&D Funding Expenditures


CEAT Awards & Honors

CEAT Awards Page

View the award winning students and faculty of CEAT

Fellows of CEAT

These professors have received the designation of Fellow within their respective organizations

CEAT Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame and Lohmann Award are reserved for distinguished alumni of CEAT

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