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Dr. White begins third decade as NSF Principal Investigator with new award

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

As a second-year Assistant Professor at North Carolina State University, Dr. Jeffery L. White received notice of his first National Science Foundation (NSF) research award in December 2001.  Shortly after earning tenure at NCSU and his second NSF award, White moved to Oklahoma State University and has continued to successfully compete for NSF research grants. Since that initial award, White has been a funded NSF Principal Investigator (PI) in every calendar year, with awards from either the Division of Materials Research or the Division of Chemistry.   In July, White received notice that funding for the three-year collaborative proposal for which he is the PI entitled “Tailoring the Distribution of Transient vs. Dynamic Active Sites in Zeolites for Next-Generation Chemical Catalysis” was awarded by the Division of Chemistry.  The grant will bring in over $800,000 to researchers at OSU and OU, with $273K directly awarded to White’s research group for research expenses and graduate student support.  The project will run through 2025.

White holds the position of Professor and BP Chair in the School of Chemical Engineering.

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