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CHE professor Yu Feng featured in Ansys blog for his work in biomedical research with Ansys CFD

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Students at Oklahoma State University (OSU) are taking a closer look at human anatomy using Ansys simulation to explore biomedical research. Biomedical engineering unites biology and engineering within the medical field. Essentially, biomedical engineers explore ways to prevent and treat diseases, including advancements in technology, medicine, and equipment. As such, biomedical research requires an in-depth understanding of complex biological systems. However, access to hands-on experience using real-life experiments can be limited for education and training purposes.


To enhance learning in this area, chemical engineering associate professor Yu Feng integrates Ansys Fluent computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software into select undergraduate and graduate courses at OSU. With access to the software through the Ansys Academic Program, Feng empowers students to explore biomedical research and physiological processes more interactively through visualization and CFD simulation.

Since joining the university in 2016, Feng has implemented Fluent in various undergraduate and graduate engineering courses, including Chemical Engineering Process Modeling and Introduction to Computational Fluid-particle Dynamics. As he explains, biomedical research study not only requires students to understand advanced computational methods, including CFD, finite element method (FEM), fluid-structure interaction, and discrete element method (DEM), but it also requires that students are able to visualize and analyze simulation results appropriately.


“Due to the great capability of Ansys software, which can provide computational methods as well as post-processing capabilities, I feel that integrating Ansys from the first day that I offered this course significantly enhanced the teaching outcomes to not only the graduate students, but also the undergraduate students,” says Feng. “Additionally, Ansys is always developing and expanding its software capabilities. It has great potential and has been widely used by industry, including mechanical, civil, chemical, and biomedical engineering. Learning Ansys will significantly enhance the students’ chances of getting hired by companies that need computational engineers to do CFD simulations for them.”


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