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Two OSU CHE students recognized as CIE scholars

Friday, August 18, 2023

Mohammad Rashed Islam and Ted Sperry

Mohammad Rashed Islam (left) and Ted Sperry (right)


OSU's School of Chemical Engineering is thrilled to announce the distinction of two exceptional graduate students, Ted Sperry and Mohammad Rashed Islam, as Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (CIE) Scholars. Their selection is a resounding acknowledgment of their profound impact on innovation and entrepreneurship, facilitated by The Spears School of Business. In recognition of their achievements, each scholar will be awarded a scholarship of $2,500 to bolster their groundbreaking pursuits. 


Hailing from the Computational Biofluidics and Biomechanics Lab (CBBL), led by Dr. Yu Feng, within the School of Chemical Engineering, Sperry and Rashed stand at the vanguard of innovation in inhalation therapy. 


Sperry's visionary project, the "All-in-one" Virtual Human Testing Platform, presents a revolutionary approach to save pharmaceutical companies a staggering 66% of costs and 90% of the time in quantifying inhaler performance and bioequivalence. This streamlined process promises to accelerate FDA approvals, substantiate market claims, expedite product launches, and expedite revenue generation. Beyond its industry implications, this platform could enhance pulmonary health and the quality of life for individuals afflicted with chronic lung diseases. Moreover, the platform offers the potential to revolutionize drug delivery understanding through surrogate bioequivalence studies, thereby advancing lung disease treatments and inhaler innovation. 


Rashed's trailblazing work centers on developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Empowered User-Centered Smart Inhaler, designed for precise drug delivery to small airways, thus optimizing lung disease treatments. Underpinned by advanced AI algorithms, Rashed's smart inhaler embodies the lab's commitment to elevating pulmonary healthcare, poised to elevate patient outcomes and overall quality of life.


In the forthcoming semester, Sperry and Rashed will be deeply immersed in their respective projects, collaborating extensively with field experts to refine and articulate commercialization strategies. These strategies, once realized, are poised to usher in a new era of pulmonary healthcare and research transformation. 


The School of Chemical Engineering congratulates Ted Sperry and Mohammad Rashed Islam on their distinguished titles as CIE Scholars. We eagerly await the transformative contributions they are poised to deliver to innovation and entrepreneurship.

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