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Student Feature Friday with Amr Ashraf Abdelmoneim

Friday, September 8, 2023


Meet Amr Ashraf Abdelmoneim, in the second half of his first year of his master’s degree, he is set to graduate in the spring of 2025. Beyond his academic pursuits, Amr has a rich tapestry of interests with a passion for both the arts and the sciences. He is an avid soccer enthusiast, both as a spectator and player. You may also catch him taking time to find serenity in swimming, or flexing his artistic muscles with photography, capturing moments that resonate with him. A voracious seeker of knowledge, he dedicates almost an hour each week to delve into books exploring the realms of space and history. He's also a dedicated music lover, and he thrives on exploration, seeking new places to broaden his horizons. With a commitment to his academic journey, Amr Abdelmoneim embodies a well-rounded individual, who doesn’t mind taking on many challenges.


Amr is working on a couple of projects right now. One of them, with a lengthy title of “develop physics based high-reliability charge models for low and ultra-low GWP refrigerants in HP/AC applications,” is focused on creating accurate models to understand how certain environmentally-friendly refrigerants behave in air conditioning systems. The second project, ASHRAE RP1785, is about developing models specifically for home air conditioning systems that use a refrigerant called R410A. These models will be based on detailed experiments to make them very accurate.


The benefits of these models are three fold. Firstly, they help companies make heat pump equipment faster, by cutting down the number of experiments needed to figure out the right amount of refrigerant. This also makes heat pumps smaller and cheaper, especially if they use devices like suction side accumulators and charge compensators. Secondly, the models can be used to make heat pump systems more efficient, which ultimately saves money. Thirdly, for society, this project helps speed up the shift away from pollution-heavy heat sources by making environmentally-friendly heat pump equipment more affordable and reliable.


His journey into the world of energy began at a young age, fueled by concerns about depleting resources. This drive led him to the HVAC field, particularly within the residential sector, where he saw ample opportunity to address energy challenges. His path also led him to join CIBS, a unique nexus bridging industry and research, offering unparalleled support and resources. Amr describes CIBS as an invaluable opportunity for graduate students, allowing them to connect research with industry. When asked what he would tell someone who might be interested in joining the center, he explained “CIBS gives you the feeling that you are a graduate student and an engineer” allowing students to engage with prominent figures in the field.


Looking to the future, Amr is anticipating further integration of the developments of HVAC&R systems, and overall building energy simulations with incredibly accurate models. Upon graduation, Amr's aspirations extend to either pursuing a Ph.D. to delve deeper into the realm of energy modeling and thermal systems or seeking a dynamic role in research and development within the energy sector. His dedication to advancing sustainable energy solutions aligns with his vision of making a meaningful difference in the world's energy landscape. As he embarks on his promising career journey, Amr Abdelmoneim stands as a shining example of young talent poised to drive innovation and positive change in the field of energy and HVAC technology.

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