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Student Feature Friday with Md Zayed Mostafa

Friday, November 10, 2023

MD Zayed Mostafa


Meet Md Zayed Mostafa, a PhD Student of CIBS, set to graduate in 2028, but he's already diving into groundbreaking research. Currently, he is actively involved in the CIBS-OCAST TriCoil™ project, which focuses on a novel three-fluid heat exchanger.


In essence, the current and unique design of TriCoil facilitates simultaneous heat exchange among three distinct mediums: refrigerant, water, and air. This innovative design empowers the system to accumulate thermal energy by transferring heat between these mediums, which can then be harnessed for load balancing. During periods of surplus energy availability, such as those generated by renewable sources like solar and wind energy, the TriCoil system can absorb and store this surplus as thermal energy in the water. Subsequently, when the need arises, the stored thermal energy can be released to provide heating or cooling, effectively shifting energy consumption to more opportune periods and contributing to load optimization.


Zayed’s role is to investigate and improve the existing coil design, seeking ways to enhance heat transfer and reduce pressure drop. His findings will serve as the foundation for designing the next generation of TriCoil, which holds promise for the future of sustainable HVAC solutions. Zayed's time-consuming research is not just academically driven; it also holds the promise of reducing operational costs and increasing the utilization of renewable energy during high-demand hours, which is a key factor when it comes to its integration in the industry. The project holds great importance as it seeks to enhance the industry’s understanding of the potential of integrated systems in maximizing the utilization of renewable energy during peak demand periods.


Outside of his academic pursuits, Zayed has a diverse range of hobbies. He is an avid soccer player and enthusiast, enjoys traveling with his wife and friends in his personal life, and finds solace in reading novels, watching movies, and playing video games during his free time.


What initially drew Zayed to CIBS was the opportunity to tour the research facility at ATRC. The state-of-the-art experimental setups, including a wind tunnel and psychrometric chamber for TriCoil experiments, left a lasting impression. Zayed was captivated by the potential for hands-on research and exposure to industrial-grade equipment. Moreover, he highlighted the strong sense of community at CIBS, where senior students readily offer assistance, despite their busy schedules.


After graduation, Md Zayed Mostafa plans to gain industry experience before potentially returning to academia, further shaping the future of sustainable HVAC solutions, and sharing his expertise with the next generation of engineers. Zayed is eager to further contribute to the industry's understanding of integrated systems and renewable energy utilization. His ambitions include working on genetic algorithms for heat exchanger design optimization.


Zayed's journey at CIBS is a testament to the center's commitment to nurturing both academic excellence and individual passions, showcasing how students like him are contributing to cutting-edge research with real-world implications. With his dedication to research and innovation, he is set to be a driving force in advancing sustainable HVAC solutions for a greener future.

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