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Student Feature Friday with Pouria Moghimi

Friday, September 15, 2023

Pouria Moghimi

Meet Pouria Moghimi, a 2nd-year PhD student, set to graduate in the fall of 2026. He is making waves in the field of sustainable building and thermal systems. With a diverse range of hobbies and an impressive portfolio of research, Pouria is poised to become a leading figure in the industry.


When he's not busy with his research, Pouria enjoys a variety of hobbies. He's a soccer enthusiast, both on the field and on his PlayStation. Since moving to the US, he's also taken up racquetball. Outdoor adventures, TV series, and reading are other activities that keep him engaged and balanced.

Currently, his primary focus is on modeling a thermal energy storage tank buried in the ground. This project involves the development of numerical models for both the tank and the surrounding ground to optimize their thermal interactions. The goal is to create an efficient ground model that can be used for long-term whole building energy simulations.


His dedication to research is further demonstrated through his publications. In one of his publications, Pouria explored the aerodynamic behavior of a simplified car model in a wind tunnel, emphasizing the impact of adding a diffuser beneath the vehicle to enhance drag and lift coefficients. His numerical analysis was validated through wind tunnel experiments, highlighting the optimal diffuser angle for minimal drag and increased downforce. Another notable publication focuses on a solar fruit and vegetable dryer, resulting in a modular design aimed at preserving nutrition in dried products while maintaining thermal efficiency. This innovative approach led to a patent in Iran.


Pouria's work holds significant promise for various industries. For HVAC companies, his research suggests that integrating thermal energy storage can extend compressor lifecycles and improve system efficiency. Additionally, it could play a crucial role in secondary loop systems and the integration of renewables. Utility providers stand to benefit from Pouria's work as well. With the growing demand for energy storage solutions in modern grids, his research offers the potential to reduce grid losses, decrease the need for new power plants, and enhance grid stability.


Pouria's journey into this field was sparked by his background in mechanical engineering and experience in building construction. He seamlessly blended his passion for interior design with sustainability, leading him to join OSU's Center for the Integration of Building Systems (CIBS). The dynamic environment at CIBS, which bridges industry and academia, offered him a platform to pursue his interests.


As he approaches graduation, Pouria's plans include gaining industry experience to further develop his skills in designing and optimizing sustainable thermal systems. He also aspires to delve into team management and leadership, with the ultimate goal of becoming a research-oriented entrepreneur in the realm of high-performance buildings. His vision for the future centers on conducting research, both experimental and numerical, in the field of thermal energy storage and its integration with renewables, a pursuit that promises to reshape the energy landscape for the better.


With his dedication, passion, and impressive body of work, Pouria Moghimi is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of sustainable building and thermal systems. Keep an eye on this young scholar as he continues to innovate and make strides towards a greener future.

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