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Student Feature Friday with Tim Pfeiffer

Friday, September 15, 2023

Tim Pfeiffer

Meet Tim Pfeiffer, a driven German student from TU Dresden, expected to graduate with his Diplom in the fall of 2025. Why are we talking about a student from another country, you might ask. One distinctive aspect of the Diplom degree is a one-year study abroad requirement, which led Tim to embark on a research venture with CIBS.


Aside from being a diligent scholar, Tim is an avid gym-goer and an enthusiastic participant in community soccer and basketball games with his friends. He also finds solace in the pages of non-fiction books and is currently mastering Spanish as his third language. As part of his studies, Tim is preparing for another exciting study abroad journey to Spain.


Currently, Tim’s research focuses on energy technology, particularly energy recovery in waste incineration plants. As his first research endeavor and extended stay abroad, Tim was thoroughly impressed with the research facilities in the US, recognizing the greater emphasis on funding for research in this context. Upon his return to TU Dresden, Tim successfully presented his work for credit, skillfully bridging his research work at OSU to relevant topics in Germany. He now has an eagerly anticipated publication in the works, which he will present at the 13th International Conference on Compressors and their Systems in London, September 2023.


When discussing his post-graduation aspirations, Tim envisions a career in a dynamic start-up, actively contributing to the progressive front of the renewable energy sector. Tim Pfeiffer's journey in renewable energy and his insights into the differences between Germany and the US provide valuable perspectives on sustainable development and global collaboration in addressing climate challenges.


Notably, Tim highlights the critical significance of responsible refrigerant choices. While man-made alternatives have been used as a quick fix for reducing global warming, they may contain PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances), often referred to as "forever chemicals." Both CIBS and Germany's researchers acknowledge the urgency of finding sustainable solutions without creating irreversible environmental consequences. Tim's work in energy technology resonates with the CIBS vision to develop and implement innovative systems, striving for energy efficiency and decarbonization.


Tim touched on one of the efforts to decarbonize the HVAC industry and building systems in Germany has been the installation of heat pumps, replacing gas furnace systems. While it is not a law yet, Germany’s government is avidly working toward a goal of climate-neutral heating by 2045.


Passionate and armed with a global outlook, Tim Pfeiffer's academic journey serves as an example of the potential for positive change through education and research. As we celebrate his accomplishments, let's find inspiration in his work and unite in our commitment to creating a more sustainable world.


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