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Students participate in the MERO design and catch phrase contest

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Oklahoma State University’s Mechatronics and Robotics (MERO) program held a design and catchphrase contest where students submitted a graphic or catchline for the program.

Dr. Chulho Yang (MERO program coordinator) mentioned that, as a new degree program, MERO needs to put its best effort into marketing the program and recruiting new and transferring students. This event would be one of the activities the program  planned to perform.

Students in Electrical Engineering Technology (EET), Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET), and MERO programs were given the opportunity to enter a submission of a graphic or catchphrase that represented their major.

The winners were determined through faculty meetings and a MERO Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting. The top designers were acknowledged and rewarded with OSU gift cards and other marketing items.

Basil Kate Moore in the MET program was awarded first place in the design contest. Second place recipient is Sierra Topper in the EET program. The MERO IAB members also made a catchphrase for the program, “We design our own future.”

The logo and catchphrase were used for the OSU A-frame advertisement, marketing materials like banners, and some other gift items for marketing the program and recruiting students.

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