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Students participate in the MET design and catch phrase contest

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Oklahoma State University’s Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program held a design and catch phrase contest where students submitted a graphic or catchline for the program.


MET students were given the opportunity to enter a submission of a graphic or catch phrase that represented their major. Thirty one design ideas and eleven catchphrase ideas were submitted for the contest. The winners consisted of six graphics and two catch phrases.


Dr. Chulho Yang (MET program coordinator) mentioned that the event would provide  a great opportunity and memory for the students to contribute to the program and leave their names as designers or developers of the logo and the catchphrases in the history of our program. They would be proud of themselves. The logo and catchphrases will be used in many ways such as MET website, emails, marketing materials like banners, gift items, newsletters, polos/shirts, etc.


First and second place graphics were distinguished with the remaining top six designs being listed in no particular order.


Kate Moore was awarded first place in the design contest with two more of her graphics being recognized in the top six submissions. Second place recipient is Cade Bailey and the final two designers included in the top submissions are Alexander Gaines and Sarahbeth Sabetti.


Gaines also was recognized as one of the winners in the catchphrase category with his submission, "Design, Build, Innovate." Kenya Williams is the other finalist acknowledged with his submission "MET - Turning imagination into reality."


The winners were determined through faculty meetings, online voting and a meeting with the MET Industry Advisory Board. The top designers were acknowledged and rewarded at the MET graduation reception that took place on May 7.

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