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Dr. Matthew Perry presenting as an ECE Distinguished Lecturer

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Dr. Matthew Perry will be giving a seminar as an ECE Distinguished Lecturer.  

The lecture is scheduled for Friday, October 22 in 102 ATRC at 3:00pm.

OSU faculty, staff and students are invited to attend.


Abstract:  Computing at planetary scale pushes the boundaries of
semiconductors and computing architectures as we know it today. To
address these challenges, we have entered a renaissance era where advanced
computing technology development becomes essential to deliver the
hardware system platforms to run tomorrow’s workloads. These renaissance
advancements will come through multiple potential technologies such
increased security, dramatically larger storage, quantum computing,
reconfigurable computing fabrics, AI acceleration and a host of other
hardware technologies. Dr. Perry will provide a glimpse into some of the
advanced technologies being worked on in Microsoft Azure.


Perry is an Oklahoma State University alumni with three degrees in Electrical Engineering. He last graduated from OSU with his Ph.D. in 1991, where he focused on signal processing, system theory and mathematics. Perry has over 35 years of industry and academic experience, spanning three different areas: first in defense, then 
semiconductors, and finally hyperscale hardware and software systems. 
He is currently the general manager of silicon and hardware systems for Microsoft’s Azure Hardware Division where he is developing next generation data center silicon/hardware solutions with emphasis on artificial intelligence, computation and intelligent edge.


Due to his significant professional accomplishments over the past 35 years, Perry will be inducted into CEAT’s prestigious Hall of Fame on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021.

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