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Tau Beta Pi scholars announced for 2021-2022

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Two aerospace engineering students at Oklahoma State University were awarded a Tau Beta Pi scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year. 


Josh Anderson, a senior in mechanical and aerospace engineering plans to pursue his master’s degree in either rocket propulsion or rocket control systems.  After that, he hopes to work at either ULA or Rocket Labs. 

Josh Anderson

Caleb Bengs, a senior in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has been a member of the OSU Gamma chapter of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honors society since 2018.  After graduation, he plans to pursue a graduate degree in the realm of Aerospace Engineering.  Although he’s still deciding, he’s leaning towards specializing in Bioastronautics. 

Caleb Bengs

The Fellowship Board of Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honor society, announced the selection of 261 engineering students from 392 applicants for undergraduate study during the 2021-22 academic year.  Most recipients will receive a cash award of $2,000 for their senior year of engineering study and a few will receive $1,000 for one semester.  All TBP Scholarships are awarded on the competitive criterial of high scholarship, campus leadership and service, and promise of future contributions to the engineering profession.  All scholars are members of the Association.  These awards bring the total to 3,629 scholarships granted since the program began in 1998

This year's recipients have chosen the following engineering curricula:

  • 65 Mechanical
  • 31 Chemical
  • 31 Electrical
  • 29 Biomedical
  • 24 civil
  • 18 Computer
  • 11 Aerospace
  • 8 Electrical and Computer
  • 7 Computer Science
  • 4 Enviornmental
  • 4 Materials Science
  • 3 Biological
  • 3 Industrial
  • 2 Bioengineering
  • 2 Engineering
  • 2 Industrial & Systems
  • 2 Nuclear
  • 1 Architectural
  • 1 Acoustical
  • 1 Applied Mathematics
  • 1 Ceramic
  • 1 Chemical & Biological
  • 1 Chemical and Biomolecular
  • 1 Chemical and Biomedical
  • 1 Engineering Physics
  • 1 Manufacturing
  • 1 Material
  • 1 Mechanical & Aerospac
  • 1 Management Information Systems
  • 1 Operations Research
  • 1 Petroleum
  • 1 Software

The following scholarships are named for members:

  • Henry M. Alford, MS A’27, left a bequest sufficient to permanently endow the Alford Scholarships.
  • The Althouse Scholarship honors Ernest E. Althouse, PA A’26, who left a bequest in 2006.
  • The Bloomberg Scholarship is named for Michael R. Bloomberg, MD A ’64, whose gift has funded awards for 15 years.
  • Marian K. and John H. Brems Jr., MI G’46, left a bequest to fund the Brems Scholarships in 2016.
  • Ruth M. and Cleveland L. Campbell, P.E., IA A ’47, made gifts to permanently endow the Campbell Scholarships.
  • A 2007 bequest from the estate of Richard A. Curtis, Ph.D., OH A ’64, permanently endows the Curtis Scholarship.
  • The Dechman Scholarship was established by David, VAB ’82, Ken, and Jim Dechman, TX A ’89, to honor their father, Don A. Dechman, TX A ’57, on his 80th birthday.
  • The Dodson Scholarships are sponsored by the late Charles R. Dodson, MD B ’30, who made a gift to the Association in 1998.
  • Charles O. Forge, CA G ’56, left a bequest in 2010 to support the Forge Scholarships.
  • The Jischke Scholarship is in recognition of Martin C. Jischke, Ph.D., IA A ’63, a 2021 recipient of the TBP Distinguished Alumnus Award.
  • The Kaplan Scholarship is in recognition of Edward Kaplan, IL B ’65, a 2021 recipient of the TBP Distinguished Alumnus Award.
  • The McCaleb Scholarship is in recognition of Neal A. McCaleb, P.E., OK Γ ’57, a 2021 recipient of the TBP Distinguished Alumnus Award.
  • The Momoh Scholarship is in recognition of James A. Momoh, Ph.D., DC A ’75, a 2021 recipient of the TBP Distinguished Alumnus Award.
  • The Nagel Scholarships are given in honor of Robert H. Nagel, P.E., NY D ’39, for his service as Editor and Secretary Treasurer from 1942-82 and as Secretary-Treasurer Emeritus in 1982-97.
  • The Record Scholarships commemorate Leroy E. Record, KS A’29, whose generous bequest will provide earnings to support awards in perpetuity.
  • The Schwaller Scholarship commemorates Shawn R. Schwaller, SDA’95, whose friends and family established a fund in 2007.
  • The Scribner Scholarships are named for A. Clayton Scribner, NY Γ ’29, whose bequest to the Association in 2003 permanently endows the awards.
  • The Sickafoose Scholarship is named for Kathleen A. and Robert D. Sickafoose, IL B ’50, who left a bequest in 2012.
  • GlennA. Skaggs, MD B ’57, left a bequestin 2017 to permanently endow the Skaggs Scholarship.
  • The three Soden Scholarships are named forArchie D. Soden, CAD’51, who made gifts to TBP to fund scholarships in perpetuity.
  • The Spirit of Apollo Scholarship is supported by an anonymous donor to honor the legacy of the U.S. NASA Apollo program.
  • The Spontak Scholarship is in recognition of Richard J. Spontak, Ph.D., PA B ’83, a 2021 recipient of the TBP Distinguished Alumnus Award.
  • The Stabile Scholarships are named for Vincent A. Stabile, NY L ’40, whose gifts to the Association have permanently endowed scholarships.

Corporations sponsor the remaining scholarships:

  • The Alabama Power Foundation, Inc., made a gift in 1995, to endow an Alabama Power Scholarship, awarded for the 18th time.
  • Awarded for the 13th year, the GEICO Scholarship is sponsored by GEICO.

Tau Beta Pi is The Engineering Honor Society, founded at Lehigh University in 1885.  With 250 collegiate chapters and 47 active alumni chapters, it has initiated nearly 618,000 members in its 136-year history and is the world’s largest engineering society (see  Contact Wilhelmina Hill-Bearhs ( for more details. 

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