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Jeffrey Spitler receives the International Energy Association's Peter Ritter von Rittinger Award

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Jeffrey Spitler, Regents Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering was selected for the International Energy Association's Peter Ritter von Rittinger award.  This award is the highest international award in the field of air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration and it recognizes distinguished individuals for advancing the field with lasting international impact.  


The Rittinger award is named for Peter Ritter von Rittinger who is credited with the design and installation of the first energy-conserving heat pump system at a salt works in Upper Austria in 1855.


The International Energy Agency is an intergovernmental organization that provides policy recommendations, analysis and data on energy.  The IEA has 31 member countries and 11 associated countries.  The IEA sponsors Technology Collaboration Programs in a variety of areas.  The Heat Pumping Technologies Technology Collaboration Program (HPT TCP), with 18 member countries, runs multi-country collaborative research projects known as annexes, supports the Heat Pump Center in Sweden, publishes a magazine, and organizes tri-annual conferences.


“I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with a lot of researchers from Europe and elsewhere through the IEA HPT TCP and this has had a significant influence on my research over the years," said Spitler.  "I’m honored to be recognized by my fellow researchers from the 18 member countries of the IEA HPT TCP.”


The award will be presented to him at the 14th International Heat Pump Conference in Chicago on May 17th.

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