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Regents Professor Raj Singh receives research awards from NSF

Monday, October 4, 2021

Regents Professor Raj Singh of the School of Materials Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology at Oklahoma State University has received multiple research grants of over $700K from NSF in support of the basic research on diamond thin films and crystals for myriad of current and future applications.


Diamond is a fascinating material for the basic research because of its unique properties of wide band gap, optical transparency, and high thermal conductivity rendering it an ideal wide band gap semiconductor for quantum electronics, optical devices, and thermal management of electronics. These new research awards are directed toward processing and manufacturing of diamond crystals and thin films for applications in thermal management of electronics, and quantum devices for quantum computing, optoelectronics, magnetic field sensing, medicine, encryption and national security.


One of the projects is focused on using diamond film for thermal management of electronics because of its high thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity. The extraction of heat directly from the device can enhance efficiency by 40% and reduce package size and weight. The higher efficiency is expected to reduce operating costs and increase device lifetimes and density.


The two other NSF funded research projects are on processing and manufacturing of diamond crystals containing select impurities that lead to unique optical emissions useful in quantum computing, sensing and medicine. Diamond will be processed in our research labs using inexpensive source of carbon such as methane in a plasma reactor.


On a broader scale the impacts of these research awards are to train undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral fellows on related research and entrepreneurship for workforce development and possibly creating new technologies and businesses.


Professor Singh came to OSU in 2012 and served as founding Head of School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE). The MSE program is housed at the Helmerich Research Center at OSU-Tulsa.  He is recognized for his  contributions to research and technology of advanced materials through numerous professional awards, research publications, patents and technology commercialization.

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