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Online Overview


Online Courses


CEAT Online Learning produces lectures for Engineering, Architecture, and Technology online courses. Online learning provides a flexible alternative to traditional on-campus classes. Rather than sitting in a classroom, online students can utilize Canvas, OSU's online learning portal, to watch lectures, turn in assignments, and communicate with classmates and professors. CEAT Online Learning gives every prospective student a chance to earn college credit without physically being on campus. Below is a breakdown of the course abbreviations that CEAT Online Learning provides for OSU and Non-OSU students. For detailed course, descriptions click here.




Online Degrees

CEAT Online Learning works with other CEAT departments offers multiple online Masters degree programs. These programs are an excellent option for students who are unable to attend a traditional on-campus format, due to work schedules, location, or family commitments. Online degrees provide an accessible alternative for graduate students who wish to continue their education, advance their careers, or expand their existing skills. For detailed degree descriptions click here.