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Resources for Online Students

We're here to assist you in your Online journey. Here are some pieces of information we thought would be helpful.

Important Tips

Homework, email, and scanning can be hard for online students. Here are some tips we found to be helpful. 

Testing Center Guidelines

These guidelines are here to help you understand what to expect when exam time comes. 

Proctor Database

CEAT Online Proctor database to help you locate where you can setup your exam. 



CEAT Online Learning Announcements

Student Feature Friday with Meesam Raza

December 1, 2023

Meet Syed Mohammad Meesam Raza, a student in the Center for Integrated Building Systems (CIBS) at Oklahoma State University (OSU). He is in his first semester and is set to graduate by the fall of 2028.

Student Feature Friday with Dipa Saha

November 20, 2023

Meet Dipa Saha, a master’s student of CIBS, who is set to graduate in 2025. Dipa is making waves in the field of HVAC systems. Joining as an MS student in the spring of this year, Dipa embarked on a journey fueled by a passion for sustainable energy and innovative technologies.

Student Feature Friday with Md Zayed Mostafa

November 10, 2023

Meet Md Zayed Mostafa, a PhD Student of CIBS, set to graduate in 2028, but he's already diving into groundbreaking research. Currently, he is actively involved in the CIBS-OCAST TriCoil™ project, which focuses on a novel three-fluid heat exchanger.

Student Feature Friday with Ata Alkhatib

November 3, 2023

Meet Ata Alkhatib, a first-year student of CIBS. Ata is working on a Master of Science degree and intends to graduate in 2025.

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