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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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CET Facilities

 CET has two lab facilities that are designed to augment the students' learning experience. These labs allow students to gain real-world experience from within the classroom. and prepare for their future career. 

Construction Lab

The construction laboratory is a 5,926 square foot building, which houses a concrete room, soils room, and moderate sized classroom for lectures. This lab was constructed by students and faculty through  generous donations from alumni. The construction laboratory offers an effective platform to provide hands-on learning in both a laboratory and classroom setting.

Concrete Room

The concrete room is used to teach the fundamentals of making, sampling and testing concrete such as measuring the slump of the fresh concrete, the air content of fresh concrete, and using a hydraulic compression machine to measure the compressive strength of hardened concrete. A glimpse of non-destructive testing NDT of hardened concrete is provided through this classroom experience. Students taking Concrete Technology will be given a chance to become ACI Field Grade 1 certified.


CEAT's centerpiece, The 72,000-square-foot undergraduate laboratory boasts state-of-the-art technology and an open floor-plan that encourages hands on, interdisciplinary learning.

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