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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Group of CET students

History of CET

The Construction Engineering Technology program at OSU dates all the way back to 1937. The program has changed and grown over the years. Below is a detailed list of some of the most important parts of CET's past. 


  • 2021

    Dr. Amy Lewis joined the faculty

  • 2020

    Professor Mark Pruitt retired and Dr. Soojin Yoon joined the faculty

  • 2018

    Construction Management Technology (CMT) changes to Construction Engineering Technology (CET)

  • 2016

    Dr. Kim joined the faculty and Dr. Dana Hobson retired

  • 2014

    Dr. Rachel Mosier joined the faculty

  • 2013

    Dr. Heather Yates was appointed as CMT Program Coordinator 

  • 2006

    Dr. Heather Yates joined the faculty

  • 2006

    "CET Hall of Fame" began

  • 2002

    Dr. Dana Hobson was appointed Department Head

  • 1996

    Dr. Dana Hobson joined the faculty

  • 1992

    Professor Mark Pruitt joined the faculty

  • 1991

    Professor Charles Rich was appointed Department Head

  • 1988

    Professor Charles Rich joined the faculty

  • 1987
    Professor Jerrold Bradley was appointed Department Head
  • 1981

    Dean Imel was appointed Department Head

  •  1977

     CMT became TAC/ABET accredited

  •  1974

    Dr. Garold Oberlender was appointed Department Head.  He hired Dean Imel and Professor Jerrold Bradley

  •  1972

    Professor Greg Tracey became the first Head of the new 4-year program.  He replaced Dean Irby who was the original Head of the AS program.

  •  1971

     The School of Technical Training became the School of Technology

  •  1969

     The Four-Year Bachelor of Science Degree was approved

  •  1957

     The Associate Degree was approved and Oklahoma A&M became OSU

  •  1953

    Leonard C (Tex) Ehlers and Dean Irby wrote the original curriculum for the Construction Associate Degree program that was approved in 1957

  •  1945

     The defense needs had decreased, so the School of Technical Training no longer participated in War Production Training Programs and the School returned to its original objectives 

  •  1937

    Oklahoma A&M established the School of Technical Training, but it was interrupted by WW II

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