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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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CET students at construction site

Program Overview

The construction industry is the largest industry in the world. Leadership in this field requires a broad knowledge of labor, materials and equipment, capital and construction procedures. The interdisciplinary approach of the construction management technology program offers the student specialized coursework in all phases of construction, designed to prepare him or her for responsible positions in industry.


The primary goal of the Construction Engineering Technology (CET) program is to enhance the quality of the instructional program through effective management of the curriculum, teaching assignments and fiscal and physical resources. This goal includes providing instructional facilities, equipment and support services for faculty and students which maintain an excellent learning environment.


The program attempts to identify and recruit highly qualified students who will benefit from the instructional platform, and faculty members promote retention and ultimate graduation of construction management technology students through effective instruction and advisement. A  schedule of outcome assessment among graduates and their employers assures that the program continues to provide the academic training required for success.


Graduates of construction engineering technology have shown the curriculum to be successful in their development as productive members of the construction industry, holding responsible positions as project managers, estimators, material and equipment salespersons, and construction managers at all levels.


  • Undergraduate Admission
  • Specialization of Curriculum

    The modern constructor must have a great deal of technical knowledge to keep abreast of rapidly changing equipment, materials and methods of construction. Specialized courses in estimating, surveying, structures, construction planning and scheduling, construction law and insurance, field and office management and construction procedures provide students with the background necessary for today’s construction industry. These specialized courses, in addition to a blend of the basic sciences, business, and general studies, produce a well-balanced curriculum for students in construction management technology. Special attention is given to computer applications in construction estimating, and the development of graphic, written and oral communication skills is emphasized throughout the curriculum.


    Students with an interest in building structures may select courses in the “building” option of the construction management technology curriculum, which provides them with knowledge of working drawings, mechanical and electrical equipment of buildings, and other course work for a career in building construction.


    Students with an interest in civil engineering structures may select courses in the “heavy” option of the construction management technology curriculum, which provides them with knowledge of highways, soils, foundations and other course work for a career in the heavy and industrial construction industry.

  • Construction Minor

    Course Work Required for Minor- 17 hours


    The minor is well suited to provide general construction information to undergraduates of any major that would like to further their construction knowledge. The minor will help students increase their opportunities for employment in the construction or construction related industries upon graduation. Students will have to meet the prerequisites of the courses within the minor.


    Contact Dr. Heather Yates ( or Kendall Treece ( for more information.





    Required Courses


    CET 1213

    Introduction to Construction


    CET 2253

    Printreading & BIM


    CET 2263

    Estimating I


    CET 3273

    Scheduling Construction Projects


    Choose 2 of the following: 1


    CET 3322

    Construction Practicum I 1


    CET 3213

    Soft Skills for Effective Interpersonal Communication (S)


    CET 3443

    Environmental Building Systems (Non-Majors)


    CET 3633

    CAD and BIM for Construction Managers


    CET 4263

    Estimating II


    CET 4443

    Construction Safety and Loss Control


    CET 4563

    Construction Law and Insurance


    Total Hours


    If CET 3322 is not selected, the total hours required for the minor will be increased by one.


    Minimum Grade Requirements

    • 2.0 minimum grade requirement for minors to be awarded.
    • "C" or better in CET 1213, CET 2253, CET 2263, and CET 3273.



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