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Chen Bio

Chen Chen, Ph.D.



Dr. Chen Chen is an assistant professor in Fire and Emergency Management at CEAT. Before joining Oklahoma State University, he was an ORISE Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the US Army Corps of Engineers, researching emergency evacuation and risk communication. He received his Ph.D. in Transportation Engineering at Oregon State University and was also a research associate and lecturer at Oregon State University.


Dr. Chen conducts research in the areas of infrastructure resilience, disasters, transportation safety, and mobility. Specifically, Chen is interested in the consideration of human decisions and behavior in complex systems for emergency preparedness, response, mitigation, and recovery. He leverages interdisciplinary studies with people from psychology, public policy, computer science, and engineering to advance our understanding of how to make our society safe, sustainable, and resilient.


Introduction to Emergency Management

Hazard, Vulnerability, and Risk Assessment

Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for Interdisciplinary Research

Recent Publications

  1. Chen Chen, Haizhong Wang, Michael Lindell, Meen Chel Jung, M.R.K. Siam, 2022. “Tsunami Preparedness and Resilience: Evacuation Logistics and Time Estimations.” Transportation Part D. 109 (2022), 103324.
  2. Haizhong Wang, Michael K. Lindell, M.R.K. Siam, Chen Chen, Rahmawati Husein. (2022). “Local Residents' Immediate Responses to the 2018 Indonesia Earthquake and Tsunami.” Earthquake Spectra. DOI: 1177/87552930221105104.
  3. Chen Chen, Alireza Mostafizi, Haizhong Wang, Dan Cox, and Cadell Chand. (2022). “An Integrative Agent-based Vertical Evacuation Risk Assessment for Near-Field Tsunami Hazards,” Risk Analysis, 00, 1– 15.
  4. Chen Chen, Alireza Mostafizi, Haizhong Wang, Dan Cox, and Lori Cramer. (2022) “Evacuation Behaviors in Tsunami Drills” Natural Hazards. DOI: 1007/s11069-022-05208-y.
  5. Chen Chen, Michael K. Lindell, Haizhong Wang, 2021. “Tsunami Preparedness and Resilience in the Cascadia Subduction Zone: A Multistage Model of Expected Evacuation Decisions and Mode Choice,” International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 59 (2021), 102244.
  6. Chen Chen, Alexandra Buylova, Cadell Yatish Chand, Haizhong Wang, Lori A. Cramer, Daniel T. Cox. (2020) “Household intent evacuation transportation behavior to earthquake and tsunami in a Cascadia subduction zone city,” Transportation Research Record, 2674, issue 7, page 99-114.
  7. Chen Chen, Krista Nordback, Josh Roll, Haizhong Wang. (2020) “Using bicycle app data to develop Safety Performance Functions (SPFs) for bicyclists at intersections: A generic framework,” Transportation Research Part A, 132, page 1034–1052.
  8. Chen Chen, Jason C Anderson, Haizhong Wang, Yinhai Wang, Rachel Vogt, Salvador Hernandez. (2017) “How Bicycle Level of Traffic Stress Correlate with Reported Cyclist Accidents Injury Severities: A Geospatial and Mixed Logit Analysis,” Accident Analysis & Prevention, 108, page 234–244.


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