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group of FPSET students

Prospective Students 

Thank you for your interest in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology (FPSET) and Fire Safety and Explosion Protection (FSEP) at Oklahoma State University.


The FPSET Program is a 4-year degree program that concludes with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology.  The FPSET curriculum is designed to prepare graduates to assess and reduce risk associated with fire, safety, chemical exposures, industrial hygiene, hazardous material incidents, and much more.

For more specific information, please contact Dr. Virginia Charter.


The FPSET Program also supports the Mechanical Engineering – Fire Protection Systems Option.  This option is intended for Mechanical Engineering students interested in HVAC and other mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems design and will be able to add to their skillset the fire protection systems that are included in MEP design including automatic sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems, and smoke control systems. 


In addition, the FPSET Program offers the Safety and Exposure Sciences (SAES) minor. The Minor includes academic preparation through the courses that will open up the field of employment in safety, human factors, emergency response, and industrial hygiene. The demand for this skill set is high and students who receive this minor would be prepared to enter the workforce with additional specialties in risk assessment. For more specific information, please contact Dr. Virginia Charter.


The FSEP Program is a MS degree program that is designed to prepare students for professional practice in research or consulting in the field of interest such as fire protection and process safety.

For more information, please contact Dr. Bryan Hoskins.

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