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Oklahoma State University


Laboratory Safety Requirements Click next to an image for details on safety requirements as well as labs in which they are required.

Safety Shoes
Safety Pants
Safety Eyewear
Safety No Phone

Communication Pictograms  More information is available at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration at

Health Hazard Pictogram

Health Hazard: Carcinogen, mutagenicity, reproductive, aspiration or organ toxicity

Flame Pictogram

Flame: Flammable, self-heating, or self-reactive materials


Exclamation Pictogram

Exclamation: Skin, respiratory and eye irritant, harmful toxicity


Gas Cylinder Pictogram

Gas Cylinder: Pressurized gas cylinders present

Corrosion Pictogram

Corrosion: Eye damage, skin corrosion/burns, corrosive to metals

Explosion Pictogram

Explosion: Explosives or self-reactive materials


Oxidizers Pictogram

Oxidizers: Oxidizers or oxidation present

Environment Pictogram

Environment: Aquatic/Environmental Toxicity

Skull and Crossbones Pictogram

Skull and Crossbones: Acute Toxicity (fatal or toxic) 

 Hazard Identification System  Visit the National Fire Protection Association for more information at

Safety Diamond

Hazard Designations