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PhD IEM Program Information

Admissions Requirements

  • Admissions Requirements

    Admission to the Graduate College is required of all students pursuing the M.S. or Ph.D. degree. Graduation from an industrial engineering bachelor’s program (4-year program) with scholastic performance distinctly above average, qualifies the student for admission to the School of Industrial Engineering and Management as a candidate for the master's and Ph.D. degrees. Graduates from related disciplines may be admitted if an evaluation of their transcripts and other supporting materials by the School of Industrial Engineering and Management indicates that they are prepared to take graduate-level course work in industrial engineering, or can be expected to do so after a reasonable amount of prerequisite work.  All applicants must submit GRE scores. Exceptions are noted below in paragraph #3. In addition, all international applicants whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL scores.


    The deadline for applying for admission with IEM is September 1st for Spring admission and February 1st for Fall admission.


    To be considered for admission to the IEM graduate program:
    1. MS applicants must have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.00 or equivalent with a consistent above-average performance throughout the undergraduate program in Industrial Engineering or a related field.
    2. Ph.D. applicants with a master’s degree, must have a minimum master’s GPA of 3.5. Ph.D. applicants without a master’s degree, must have a minimum 3.5 undergraduate GPA.
    3. The GRE requirement is waived for Fall 2022 admission due to COVID.  GRE scores are required, except for applicants graduating with a 3.5 or above cumulative GPA from any economics, engineering, technology and science based undergraduate program at Oklahoma State University or any ABET-accredited program, where the primary language of instruction is English.
    4. International applicants whose native language is not English must submit TOEFL scores with a minimum of 79 iBT or equivalent.
    5. Applicants must also submit the following items – three letters of recommendation, a statement of professional goals and research interests (no more than three pages), and a current vitae/resume.

    The School of IEM makes the admission recommendation, but the final decision is made by the Graduate College to ensure uniform standards across the campus.

    Prerequisite Coursework

    An evaluation of each applicant's scholastic record is made to identify any required prerequisite work.  Applicants are required to meet the following minimum prerequisite course requirements:

    Fundamental Engineering Skills (No graduate credit is allowed):
    • Mathematical capability equivalent to differential and integral calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra.
    • Computer programming competence in a high-level programming language such as C++ or Python (for courses in the Operations Research track), and prior knowledge in C#, Java, and/or Visual Basic may be assumed in other courses.
    Fundamental Industrial Engineering Skills (No graduate credit is allowed):
    • Introduction to Industrial Engineering. An applicant with no previous degree in industrial engineering must demonstrate exposure to industrial engineering topics via courses or work experience.
    • Introductory engineering economy. The applicant is expected to have successfully completed a one-semester course equivalent to IEM 3503, Engineering Economic Analysis.
    • Introductory probability and statistics. The applicant is expected to have successfully completed a one-semester course equivalent to IEM 3103, Introduction to Probabilistic Modeling or STAT 4033, Engineering Statistics.

Program Documents

PhD Degree Description

Committee Composition

Tentative PhD Course Schedule

Plan of Study Proposal 

Plan of Study Structure

Qualifying Examination

Dissertation Proposal

Doctoral Candidacy Presentation Abstract Form

Dissertation Draft and Defense

Dissertation Defense Format

Dissertation Defense Presentation Abstract Form

Dissertation Manual

Graduation Checklist

Graduate College Dissertation Guidelines

Research Methodology



Qualifying Examination Form
Dissertation Proposal Result Form

Dissertation Defense Results Form


PhD Internship Enrollment Process

Internship Course Enrollment Process

IEM 5020 Syllabus

IEM 5030 Syllabus





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