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How Industrial Engineers Benefit Society and Business

Industrial engineering has provided a systematic approach to streamline and improve productivity and efficiency. Benefits that can be linked directly to the work of industrial engineers include the following:


  • Leaner, more efficient, and more profitable business practices while increasing customer service and quality.
  • Improved efficiency. This improves competitiveness, profitability and reduces resource requirements.
  • The idea of setting labor or time standards. The original production lines in the 1920s were successful because of IEs. The IE profession is timeless and can be molded to fit the times and the place.
  • Good organization and improving productivity - these improvements eliminate or reduce some of the frustrations of life and are essential to the long term health of business.
  • Increased ability to do more with less.
  • Making work safer, faster, easier and more rewarding.
  • Providing a method by which businesses can analyze their processes and try to make improvements to them. It is focused on optimization - doing more with less - and helps to reduce waste in society.
  • Increased cycle time and throughput thus helping more people get their product quicker.
  • Assistance in guiding society and business to care more for their workforce while improving the bottom-line.
  • Showing ways to improve the working environment, improving efficiencies and teaching people about ergonomics.
  • Making the world safer through better designed and easier to use products.
  • Reducing costs associated with new technologies, thus allowing more of the population to better their lives by being able to afford technological advances.
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