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MAE Graduate Research Symposium Agenda, March 30, 2022

Please review the agenda for the Mechanical and Aerospace Graduate Research Symposium. Use the links below to navigate to your presentation type.


Awarded Presenters: 

Best Oral Presentation (x4): 

Session 1: Samarjith Biswas (Advisor: James Manimala)

Session 2: Asma Tabassum (Advisor: He Bai)

Session 3: Joshua Johnsen (Advisor: Kurt Rouser)

Session 4: Bryce Lindsey (Advisor: Brian Elbing)


Best Graduate Poster Presentation (x2): 

Session 1: Talha Khan (WSU; Advisor: Rajeev Nair)

Session 2: Nahid Uzzaman (Advisor: He Bai)


Best Undergraduate Poster Presentation (x3): 

Vishal Barot (UCO; Advisor: Mohammed Hossan)

Gabriel Webb (Advisor: Arvind Santhanakrishnan)

Patrick Williams (Advisor: Imraan Faruque)


Graduate Talks


Session 1


  • Awarded Presenter: Samarjith Biswas (Advisor: James Manimala)


Start End Session Author/Presenter Abstract Title


9:15 1 Shady Ahmed Hierarchical learning to generate surrogate models in fluid dynamics
9:15 9:30 1 Leila Rezaei Modeling Liquid Crystal Elastomers
9:30 9:45 1 Bryce Randall Multi agent atmospheric data collection from rocket launched micro aerial vehicles
9:45 10:00 1 S M Rakibur Rahman Mechanical Characterization of Heterogeneous Hyperelastic Membrane Using Inverse Methods
10:00 10:15 1 Samarjith Biswas Quiet Power: Exploring the Feasibility of Thermoacoustic Energy Harvesting
10:15 10:30 1 Caleb Robb Turning Dynamics of an Aircraft Featuring the Bell Spanload

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Session 2 


  • Awarded Presenter: Asma Tabassum (Advisor: He Bai)


Start End Session


Abstract Title
9:00 9:15 2 Mitchell Ford Know when to fold em: appendage bending kinematics in drag-based swimming
9:15 9:30 2 Md Arif Billah Multi-Agent Group Motions Generated by Models of Insect Small Target Detector Neurons and Feedback
9:30 9:45 2 Suraj Pawar Physics-constrained Deep Learning for Subgrid Modeling in Geophysical Flows
9:45 10:00 2 Asma Tabassum Towards Wind Aware Navigation and Control for Safe Urban Operation of Small Unmanned Aircraft System: Autonomous and Human-Centric Approach
10:00 10:15 2 Furkan Oz Application of the Quantum Computing for Heat and Burgers Equations
10:15 10:30 2 Shuvrodeb Barman Joint Fatigue-Based Optimal Posture Prediction for Maximizing Endurance Time in Box Carrying Task

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Session 3


  • Awarded Presenter: Joshua Johnsen (Advisor: Kurt Rouser)


Start End Session Author/Presenter Abstract Title


13:15 3 Shahzad Yousaf Physics Informed Machine Learning Based Reduced Order Model of Unitary Equipment
13:15 13:30 3 William Kresl Tunable Performance Metrics for Acoustic Liners
13:30 13:45 3 Andrew Cole Development and Evaluation of a 360° Differential Pressure Gust Sensor for Extreme Weather Environments
13:45 14:00 3 Hao Chen Invariant-EKF design for wind estimation from quadcopter
14:00 14:15 3 Truc Ngo Watch your step! Towards predicting osteoarthritis onset based on side-to-side imbalances
14:15 14:30 3 Joshua Johnsen Integration and Testing of a 7-kW Turboelectric Power System in a Vertical Take-off and Landing Unmanned Aircraft

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Session 4


  • Awarded Presenter: Bryce Lindsey (Advisor: Brian Elbing)


Start End Session Author/Presenter Abstract Title


13:15 4 Matthew Blair Identifying Cognitive Load During Walking for Early Detection of Dementia
13:15 13:30 4 Soroosh Farsiani Cohesive peel of ultraviolet cross-linkable adhesive in polymer laminated metals
13:30 13:45 4 Diego Colón Dumb it down: A simplified metachronal locomotion mathematical model
13:45 14:00 4 Bryce Lindsey Development of Version 2 of the Ground-based Local Infrasound Data Acquisition (GLINDA 2.0) System
14:00 14:15 4 Mehrdad Zomorodiyan Nonlinear proper orthogonal decomposition for compressible flows

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Graduate Poster Presentations


Session 1(10:30-12:00)


  • Awarded Presenter: Talha Khan (WSU; Advisor: Rajeev Nair)


Poster Author/Presenter Abstract Title
1 Moad Abudia System Identification with Error Bounds Using Carleman Linearization.
2 Mobashera Alam Characterization of Sweeping Jet Actuator Flow Field using DMD Analysis
3 Kevin Bhar Tackling stochasticities in distributed Bayesian Langevin Dynamics
4 Daniel Gassen Advancement in Noninvasive Hormone Monitoring of Dolphins Using UAS Sample Collection Device
5 Abby Haddox A Smart Skin to Treat and Prevent Pressure Ulcers
6 Amirarsalan Mashhadian A brief overview of defrost detection methods for heat pumps
7 Zackery Bycko Design of a Hybrid Rocket Engine with 3D Printed Fuel Grains
8 Talha Kahn Manufacturing of Efficient-Compact Thermal and Water Management Systems for Novel Space Technology using Laser Based Additive Manufacturing
9 Braydon Revard Urban Air Mobility Wind Collection
10 Shahbaz P Qadri Syed Exploration of Approximate Inference for Control of Robotic Systems
11 Abhishek Tikar Al0.5CoCrFeNi2 High Entropy Alloy Reinforced Aluminum Matrix Composite Using Spark Plasma Sintering
12 Jared Town Learning quadcopter pilots intent with observer based inverse reinforcement learning
13 Nick Zizzo Piloted Simulation Environment Development Utilizing MATLAB/Simulink and FlightGear 
14 Ashish Kumar Gupta Synthesis of multi-principal element alloy functional nanoparticles by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation

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Session 2(16:00-17:30)


  • Awarded Presenter: Nahid Uzzaman (Advisor: He Bai)


Poster Author/Presenter Abstract Title
1 Ryan Narrell Lessons Learned from Rocket Deployed UAS Development
2 Scout Hernandez Perspectives on weather communication products for decision-making
3 Sanzida Hossain Mixed Integer Optimization for Co-operative Driving of an Intelligent Human Vehicle (IHV)
4 Emalee Hough A Review of the 2021 NASA PSTAR Solar Balloon Campaign
5 Rohit Vuppala Wind Prediction for safe operation of small Unmanned Aerial Systems using Machine Learning
6 Matthew McCool Development of noise reducing geometry for a lightweight ceramic composite propeller for use in small unmanned air systems
7 Kerrick Ray Experimental Observations of the Boundary Layer and Movement of Barchan Dunes usingUnmanned Systems
8 Shafi-Al-Salman Romeo Modeling Networking Flows in Elastic Tubes
9 Mehnaz Sharna Wind-aware sampling-based path planning UAV navigation
10 Nahid Uzzaman State-Dependent Noise Covariance prediction with Variational Wishart Process
11 Zach Yap Solar Balloon Trajectory Prediction
12 Nissrine Aziz 4D-Printed Liquid Crystal Elastomer Hinges for Soft Robotics Applications      
13 Soumya Mandal Nanoscale chemical imaging of core-shell high-entropy oxide nanoparticles synthesized by nanosecond pulsed laser ablation

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Undergraduate Poster Presentations: (14:30-15:45)


  • Odd numbered poster presenters are required to be available in front of their poster from 14:30-15:05
  • Even Number poster presenters are required to be available in front of their poster from 15:10-15:45 
  • Awarded Presenters: Vishal Barot (UCO; Advisor: Mohammad Hossan), Gabriel Webb (Advisor: Arvind Santhanakrishnan), Patrick Williams (Advisor: Imraan Faruque)


Poster  Author/Presenter  Abstract Title
1 Hussein Alizereej Effect of processing and sawing techniques on the measurement of aerosolized formaldehyde from cutting bone tissue samples
2 Braxton Beavers Atomic-Scale Insights on Large-Misfit Heterointerfaces in LSMO/MgO/c-Al2O3
3 Vishal Barot Development and Analysis of Bioresorbable Flow Diverting Stents to cure Brain Aneurysm
4 Max DeSantis Development of Wind-Aware Piloting Interfaces and Dynamic Quadrotor Simulator with Spatiotemporally-Varying Wind
5 Thomas Goebel Hypersonic Boundary-Layer Stability Analysis for Local Wall Cooling
6 Reuben Lane Bioabsorbable Interlocked Nail System for 3D Printed Segmental Bone Defects
7 Gabriel Webb Wake characterization comparison between multi-appendage rowing and flapping at low Reynolds number
8 Pramod Nayak Design and Development of human brain phantom model to study traumatic brain injury
9 Tuyen Nguyen Computational Flow Analysis of 2D Wedge from Subsonic to Hypersonic Speeds
10 Joel Quarnstrom Adjustable Rehabilitation Elbow Exoskeleton Design and Prototype
11 Patrick Williams Lidar Applications in UAV Point-cloud Prediction

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