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W. W. Allen Scholars Program Details

Incorporating one of the nation's premier undergraduate engineering scholarship programs, the W.W. Allen Scholars Program seeks to develop some of the nation's top engineering graduates.  The program is designed to accelerate leadership and professional development, stimulate intellectual growth, develop interpersonal skills, develop career and cultural perspectives, and to prepare graduates for a full awareness of global forces and opportunities.

Oklahoma State University

Nestled in the heart of Oklahoma sits a unique and nationally recognized land-grant and comprehensive research university with a rich history and academic programs that prepare graduates to become intellectual leaders.


College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

Formed in 1902, the College includes the oldest and largest engineering program in Oklahoma.

Engineering excellence and a preparation for intellectual leadership begins at Oklahoma State University.


What Distinguishes the Program?

The W. W. Allen Scholars Program includes over $135,000 in scholarship, enrichment activities, professional development, and national and international travel, followed by full tuition and housing for a Master of Philosophy at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.


Recruitment and Selection of Allen Scholars

Allen Scholars are recruited from across the nation.  They are selected based on their intellectual success and leadership development while in high school, and because of their capacity and promise to become intellectual leaders.  They need not look farther than OSU graduates to find outstanding role models who have distinguished themselves as giants in industry.


Scholarship Awards

Allen Scholars receive $7,500 in scholarship awards each year for up to four years following matriculation as a freshman. Awards are competitive with national awards given to the nation’s best engineering students.



Much more goes into preparing Allen Scholars for success after graduation than that which occurs inside the classrooms at OSU. The opportunity for a unique set of enrichment activities such as attendance at etiquette dinners, plays and operas truly sets the W. W. Allen Scholars Program apart from other scholarship programs in the nation.


Leadership and Professional Development

Allen Scholars participate in leadership and team-building activities, career-planning and self-assessment activities, communication-skills-development and have one-on-one interaction with corporate and industry leaders. They also have the opportunity to meet Mr. Wayne Allen and receive his professional mentorship. Together these elements combine to reward Allen Scholars while developing their potential at the highest level.


National and International Experiences

Global competition is a reality for the nation’s leading industrial firms and a way of life for the intellectual leaders of those firms. Each Allen Scholar will graduate fully prepared to walk into any organization with an understanding of the global marketplace and its impact on that industry and this country.

During the summer of their sophomore year, Allen Scholars have the opportunity to travel domestically. Previously, they have traveled to Washington D.C., where they have visited with members of Congress and gained pivotal insight into legislature processes that affect the engineering industry.

Following their junior year Allen Scholars have the opportunity to travel internationally. During their first three years as an Allen Scholar, they — together with CEAT Scholars — choose countries they would like to visit in order to experience the reason behind the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering


A Master’s Abroad

Allen Scholars have the opportunity to apply at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom immediately following graduation with a BS degree in engineering from OSU. All expenses are covered by the W. W. Allen Scholars Program for up to one year while pursuing a Master of Philosophy.

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