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About StuCo

The College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology (CEAT) Student Council’s primary role is to act as a representative body for the students of CEAT and to enrich the college through its events and activities.

The CEAT Student Council is responsible for the allocation of funds to CEAT clubs/societies, as well as putting on major events within the college such as the CEAT Career Fair and CEAT Week. The council interacts with the faculty on the students' behalf and works with various committees for the interest of our college.


CEAT Student Council has divided their members amongst the following committees based on the member's preference, interests, and experience:


  1. Cheap Lunch Committee: This committee consists of two committee heads that are responsible for the execution and planning of Cheap Lunch each Thursday. 
  2. Philanthropy Committee: Our philanthropy committee consists our members who hold a passion for organizing philanthropic events for the college such as, Angle Tree, Blood Drives, and so much more! 
  3. K-12 Committee: The K-12 committee primarily works with STEM outreach programs in the Stillwater Area. They are responsible for planning and executing events like our Volunteer Experiments or planning STEM clubs at local elementary schools.
  4. Special Projects Committee: This committee focuses on planning events to promote competition within and outside of CEAT. They take charge on our annual CEAT vs Spears Competition in the Spring, as well as Wellness Week in the fall. 
  5. CEAT Spirit Committee: Similar to the Special Projects Committee, CEAT Spirit organizes events to promote college spirit within CEAT through Homecoming events and CEAT Week in the spring.
  6. Marketing Committee: Our Marketing Committee works alongside the other committees to develop flyers, t-shirts, snapchat filters, and other promotional items for all CEAT events including Wellness Week, CEAT vs Spears, and CEAT Week.
  7. Relations Committee:  The Relations Committee works to develop relationships between CEAT Student Council and our company sponsors. Additionally, they plan all Student Council retreats, speaker series, and Senior Social in the fall.
  8. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee: CEAT STUCO's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee's mission is to create an environment that welcomes students from all backgrounds to the CEAT community. Our goal is to promote diversity and student involvement campus-wide, to ensure all students feel a sense of pride and belonging here at OSU. 
  9. Policy Committee: Members on our policy committee ensure our policy and practices are up to date and in compliance with university standards. They work closely with executives and other committees to ensure CEAT Student Council acts in an efficient, transparent and equitable manner

Additionally, the CEAT Student Council has been expanding the influence of our college through its subsidiary organizations the CEAT Freshman Council and the CEAT Ambassadors Program.


The Constitution of CEAT Student Council

CEAT Student Council (CSC) Funding



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