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What to do if your offer is rescinded

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First step

Take a deep breath.  This current situation is affecting many lives and plans.  Having your offer rescinded is not a reflection on you or your abilities, but rather a result of a global situation.


Contact the employer

Make sure you take the time to respond to the employer in a polite and professional manner. The way you respond says a lot about you and your character. It is important to not burn any bridges with a company you might want to work for in the future. See the below for an example of email correspondence with an employer.


Dear [their name],
Thank you for letting me know my offer was
rescinded. Naturally, I am disappointed, but I
understand these are challenging times for
all. I greatly appreciate being selected in the
first place, and I look forward to being in
contact with [company name] in the future.
Best regards,



Explore other options

  • Summer Classes are a great way to get ahead or lighten the class load for a normal semester. Every summer CEAT offers engineering science courses through in-person lectures as well as online. 
  • Research gives students the chance to put to use the concepts learned in the classroom as well as to expand beyond just the lessons taught in class. Some research is paid and some is unpaid. Find opportunities by speaking with professors in your department or emailing professors conducting research in which you have an interest. 
  • Part-time jobs allow students to obtain transferable skills while also making some money over the summer. Use to search for jobs in, and out, of Stillwater. Other job search sites can also be utilized.
  • Gain other skills during the summer by exploring free online classes or other interests you have. Not all skills or development has to be directly related to your degree. is offering free courses in subjects ranging from computer languages to happiness and verbal languages. Employers like hiring people with varied skillsets.



You are not alone in this time! Please reach out to CEAT Career Services via email at if you have any questions.


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