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Grace Voth

Grace Voth

Major: Industrial Engineering and Management

Hobbies/Interests: Being outside and active, taking care of 5 ‘succulent babies’, playing guitar

Favorite Music: Folk, Christian Worship, Disney

Favorite Quote: “Have so much light that the plants grow toward you.”

A fact not everyone knows about you: “I crochet! Only through the winter months and with Jane Austen films on in the background.”

Why did you choose OSU? “I was very logical when it came to choosing a university. I stayed in Oklahoma for in-state tuition. I applied to all the prominent universities in Oklahoma with engineering programs. And then Oklahoma State stood out because of the scholarships they offered me to attend and their exceptional engineering college. I am so glad that I chose what I originally thought a "BIG" school. I absolutely love our campus and all the people on it!”

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen CEAT students? “Try new things! Make friends with people different from you! College is your time to branch out and find yourself. You won't do yourself any good by staying in your comfort zone doing what you've always done.”
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