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CIBS Students to Present at Purdue Conferences

Thursday, April 22, 2021

CIBS group

CIBS students and faculty will present 8 papers at the 2021 Purdue Virtual Conferences in May that will highlight outcomes from the center.

If you are planning to attend do make sure to check out the following papers and presentations at the conference with the student authors:


  • Lee, A., Bach, C., Bradshaw, C.R., 2021. Differential Mass Measurement Scale for Measuring Refrigerant Charge and Oil Retention of Round Tube Plate Fin Heat Exchangers (ASHRAE RP-1785). No 2124.
  • Saleem, S., Bradshaw, C.R.„ 2021. The Thermodynamic Behavior Of Low-GWP Zeotropic Mixtures On Water-Source Heat Pump Equipment. No 2151.
  • Saleem, S., Sarfraz, S. Bach, C., Bradshaw, C.R. 2021. A Novel Experimental Infrastructure for Collecting High-Fidelity Experimental Data for Refrigerant to Air Heat Exchangers. No 2222.
  • Yarborough, S., Bradshaw, C.R., Orosz, J, Kemp, G., 2021. Empirical Indicated Loss Analysis of a Semi-hermetic Light-Commercial Spool Compressor. No 1236.
  • Tanveer, , Bradshaw, C.R.„ 2021. Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of Various Positive-Displacement Compressor Modeling Platforms. No 1248.
  • Islam, M., Bradshaw, C.R.„ 2021. Development of a Mechanistic Chamber Model of a Novel Peristaltic Compressor for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Applications. No 1303.
  • Alghamdi, K., Bach, C. K., Dynamic Modeling of Packaged Air Conditioner with Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger Condenser. 2267.
  • Alghamdi, K., Bach, C. K., Effect of Inlet Duct Design on Fan Performance of Indoor Air Handling Units with Pull-through Fan Configuration (ASHRAE RP-1743).  No 310019

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