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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Our main interest is in the science and technology of inorganic membranes and thin films of nanoporous membranes (zeolite, silica, metal organic framework, and graphene oxide). 

Our research program is aimed at addressing key fundamental issues that will allow the development of cost-effective and energy-saving membranes for uses such as water purification (produced water treatment and desalination) and chemical separations. 

Overall, the program will provide novel molecular engineering concepts for usefully controlling pore structure in the membranes. 


We develop the overarching concept of precisely controlled pore modification of the membranes based upon strategies that involve catalytic cracking deposition (CCD), chemical vapor deposition (CVD), atomic layer deposition (ALD), sol-gel methods, and spacer techniques.


Subsequently, we will particularly focus on novel strategies based upon new understanding of molecular diffusion in modified-pore materials and membranes.  Hence, these fundamental works will contribute to the development of membrane-based systems for industrial applications in clean and sustainable energy technologies.



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