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Oklahoma State is a comprehensive university. This means that our faculty does more than teach. Our instructors’ rankings are excellent and the professors are also actively involved in leadership of the profession, creativity in research and development, and partnership with industry in applying technology. These comprehensive faculty experiences enrich the classroom. In turn, the faculty development that comes through teaching enhances our ability to provide technical leadership. In all, OSU provides both leadership in the profession and an exceptional, diverse, relevant, and comprehensive experience for students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.


CHE and Pete Announcements

CHE Seminar Series with Dr. Joshua Gallaway

April 14, 2023

All-solid-state Li batteries hold the promise of improving both the safety and energy density beyond that of current-day Li-ion batteries.

CHE Seminar Series with Dr. Jennifer Sinclair Curtis

April 14, 2023

NASA is interested in simulating the descent of a spacecraft approaching the Lunar and/or Martian surface along a specified trajectory which will involve gas jet-soil particle surface interaction through the landing and engine shutdown. I

CHE Seminar Series with Dr. Christopher S. Johnson

April 6, 2023

Join us for a CHE Seminar Series with Dr. Christopher S. Johnson

Chemical Engineering students receive top honors

March 17, 2023

CHE students receive top honors

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The School of Chemical Engineering at OSU offers programs at the undergraduate and graduate level in chemical engineering and in petroleum engineering.  
Our programs will give students experience in solving ever-more-challenging problems, giving them the ability to continue to learn independently throughout their professional careers.  

First-Class Faculty and Staff

All of our courses are taught by award winning faculty with extensive industrial experience.
Our goal is to maintain national recognition for our contributions in the field of chemical and petroleum engineering.

Additional Resources and Information 

Speedfest 2023 breaks records Speedfest 2023 breaks records May 30

Speedfest 2023 planes break high speed records and host the largest number of high school teams in history

CEAT professor receives NSF Early CAREER Award to conduct first-of-its-kind research CEAT professor receives NSF Early CAREER Award to conduct first-of-its-kind research May 26

An assistant professor and researcher from the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) has been awarded a Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to conduct first-of-its-kind research in the area of high entropy alloy nanoparticles.




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