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Bert Cooper Engineering Laboratory

Opened in 2015 the Bert Cooper Engineering Laboratory (BCEL) (figure 4) is a 33,000 ft2 state-of-the-art structural engineering and materials engineering research laboratory on the campus at Oklahoma State University (OSU). 

BCEL houses a variety of high-performance equipment to conduct multi-scale research activities, from durability and mechanical micro-characterization to full-scale serviceability and integrity testing. The capabilities of this lab can be described as uniquely broad-ranging for structural and materials engineering compared to another university structural and materials engineering facilities. The laboratory has a fully equipped fabrication shop, concrete mixing and curing rooms, concrete pump truck, slip formed paver, concrete durability testing, environmental chambers, aggregate sieving room, nondestructive evaluation room with extensive laboratory and field NDT equipment, structural measurement and monitoring equipment, a 6,000 ft2 strong floor, and a 20-ton overhead crane with a 30 feet hook height.  Compressed air power is provided throughout the laboratory and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections make data transmissions readily accessible.  Camera technologies, and our broadband capability make remote monitoring and remote management of research a reality. At the front of BCEL, a considerable amount of space has been provided for student workspace, faculty offices, and even a conference room suitable for meetings, workshops, and guest speaker presentations.  

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