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Master of Science Graduate Researchers

Rabecca Wiseman

Rebecca Wiseman

I am 25 years old and a first year PhD student studying environmental engineering with a focus on municipal wastewater treatment.

Passionate about sustainability and energy optimization, my research is geared towards the practicality and implementation of municipal wastewater treatment aeration control systems. With the help of both civil engineering and entrepreneurship faculty, I have been able to win over $25,000 from Love’s Business Plan Competition, $25,000 from Technology Business Development Program and multiple other grants including the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Researcher Fellowship Program.

I grew up on a farm in Tuttle, Oklahoma and have always wanted to spend my life working to improve Oklahoma’s economy and ecosystem. The goal of my research is to be able to optimize and control the most energy intensive process within wastewater treatment so that small and mid-sized communities have less financial burden due to electrical costs. Through optimizing the aeration process, peak demand management can be utilized to further both economic and greenhouse gas emissions savings.


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