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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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What is Engineering Technology?

Engineering technology education is concerned with the practical application of engineering achievement with emphasis on the end product rather than the conceptual process. Whereas the development of new methods is the mark of the engineer, effective use of established methods is the mark of the technologist. Often the technologist will be expected to achieve what the engineer conceives. 

Curricula: Engineering technology curricula at OSU are four-year programs which lead to the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. Graduates of the program are known as “technologists” and are trained either to assist engineers or to provide independent support for engineering activities. The technologist receives an intensive education in his or her technical specialty and great depth in mathematics and technical sciences. The program provides breadth in related technical, communication and socio-humanistic studies. A “master of detail,” he or she is capable of independent action in performance of technical activities and is frequently involved as a coordinator, expediter or supervisor of other technical personnel. His or her capability in technical sales and other public-contact positions is enhanced by his or her background in selected liberal studies.

The engineering technology graduate is qualified to select from a broad array of engineering-related positions. Job titles of engineering technology graduates include field engineer, test engineer, associate engineer, product engineer, sales engineer, tool designer, production engineer, engineering technologist, estimator, scheduler, and project engineer. 

Those less intrigued with theoretical concepts but who have the interest and aptitude toward applications are likely engineering technology majors. These students particularly appreciate the engagement of technical specialty courses beginning with the first semester and continuing throughout the course of study. The relevance of the technical science and related technical courses adds further satisfaction.

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