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Fire & Emergency Management, EM

 Emergency Management is a fast growing field. A  minor in Emergency Management will prepare you for careers in the public, non-profit, or private sector. The Emergency Management Minor at Oklahoma State requires three courses directly from the Fire & Emergency Management program plus six hours that may already count toward your major degree field.

Fire & Emergency Management, MS

The MS in Fire and Emergency Management Administration are specialized degrees designed to provide an educational foundation for those who are currently serving or aspire to serve as managers or administrators in the fire service, emergency management, emergency medical services, law enforcement, or homeland security in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors.

Program Handbook

Fire & Emergency Management Administration, PhD

One of the oldest programs in the country at a top tier research university. Prepares leaders in the  in the fire service , disaster and emergency management, emergency services administration and policy administration. Both Practicum & Thesis options are available based on future career plans and interests.

Program Handbook

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many hours do students take each semester?

    Our students choose to take the number of classes that work with their professional and personal schedules whether it is full or part-time.  The majority take 2 classes (6 hours) per semester and one or two classes in the summer.  Most other students take 1 class (3 hours) per semester or alternate the number of classes by semester based on seasons that they know may be busier (i.e. wildfire season or hurricane season).   

  • Can the degree be completed 100% online? OR Do you require students to take classes on campus?

    You can complete the degrees either 100% online or 100% on campus.  The classes are taught live each week in the evenings (beginning at 4:30, 6:45, or 7:30 CST one night per week/course).  Distance students log in to the live classes via Zoom, and they participate fully in lectures, presentations, and class conversations.  Many of our students log in from the office or the station, and we understand that they may get called away during class.  We record all classes for later watching; however, the best educational experience in a graduate program is live. 


    We also offer options to attend one or two classes on campus in a truncated format.  Our students have historically loved this option in our program, because it strengthens networks within and between student cohorts.

  • Can I start taking classes at any time? OR Do you have rolling admissions?

    Our program operates on the university's Fall/Spring semester basis.  You must start the program in either the Fall or Spring semester (mid-August or mid-January).  We do have some options for beginning in a summer session if you are admitted for a Fall start date.


    Applications for the Masters program are due June 30 for Fall admissions and October 15 for Spring admissions.


    Applications for the PhD program are due March 15 for Fall admissions and October 15 for Spring admissions.

  • What is the application due date?

    Master's Degree: We accept applications for the Master's degree for the Fall or Spring semesters.  The Fall application deadline is July 1.  The Spring application deadline is October 1.  In some circumstances, students admitted to the Fall semester may begin taking classes in the summer.  Those students must be admitted before May of the application year. 


    PhD: Our program operates on the university's Fall/Spring semester basis.  We only take applications for the Fall semester start (mid-August).  We do have some options for beginning in a summer session if you are admitted for a Fall start date.  Applications for the PhD program are due March 15.

  • What are the tuition and fees? OR What is the total cost of the program?

    Oklahoma State University offers reduced tuition rates for 100% online programs.  The university also offers resident (in-state) tuition rates to veterans and active duty military members that are completing 100% online programs.  We encourage you to check with the OKState Bursar office at


    Some individuals living in 15 states in the Southeast are eligible for in-state tuition through the Academic Common Market (ACM).  Information about eligibility and the ACM can be found at

  • Do you waive the GRE?

    Unfortunately, we do not have a blanket policy for waiving the GRE requirement.  However, we will waive the GRE if an applicant received a 3.5 GPA or higher in their Masters program.


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