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Linda Tuttle Mattison & Marcia Tuttle


Linda Tuttle Mattison

Linda Tuttle Mattison, Bachelor of Science in Business, 1966

Marcia Tuttle

Marcia Tuttle, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, 1970

Also known as the Tuttle girls, both of us were born and raised in Oklahoma City (OKC) mostly.  Our parents moved to California then back to Oklahoma then New York then back to Oklahoma then back to California—you get the picture.  We moved around a lot, but Oklahoma has always been home.  May 1966 was a time of huge celebration in the Tuttle household when both of us graduated—Marcia from Putnam City High School and Linda from Oklahoma State University (OSU) with honors in accounting.  Four years later Marcia earned her business degree with a minor in accounting from OSU.  Go Pokes!!


Both of us included Kerr-McGee Corporation (KMC), OKC, in our work history.  Following graduation, Marcia joined the staff of KMC.  During her 21 years of service, she wore many hats, primarily in the accounting field, but her favorite was performing with the KM Choraliers.  In 1990, she took advantage of an early retirement incentive program and has spent the years since working for a financial services company.  After a short stint at KMC, Linda moved to Houston where she worked for Duval, the mining subsidiary of Pennzoil.  In 1974, an exceptionally good year, she met and married Wayne Mattison and passed the CPA exam (fortunately in one sitting or it probably wouldn’t have happened).  Tired of the crowds, Wayne consented to relocating to OKC.  Linda was home.  She rejoined KMC, retiring 26 years later.


Church has been important to both of us.  Marcia served as an elder and was a participant in the music ministry, primarily the chancel and hand bell choirs.  Linda is active in several church ministries Including counting money and pew patrol, plus she served on the Board of Contact (now HeartLine) and on Community Investment Committees for United Way.


Both of us enjoy very different diversions that help keep us sane.  Marcia loves gaming, especially in Vegas, and is an avid armchair fan for OSU and Thunder sports teams.  “I sat, I watched, I commented.”  The piano has also played a major role in her life.  Linda spends her spare time playing bridge, reading books and teaching her four-legged friends tricks using Pete’s Treats.


Both of us wanted to create a legacy that would benefit future generations.  Our love for OSU led us to honor our father, Earl J. Tuttle, who graduated from Oklahoma A&M College (MSEE, Power Engineering, 1954 with a grade average of 4.0) by funding a scholarship in his name.  These funds are awarded to an Electrical Engineering senior or graduate student interested in power and energy technologies.  We wish all recipients great success in their chosen field and thank OSU for making it possible.  One more time, Go Pokes!!


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