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The New Product Development Center hires undergraduate and graduate interns in the engineering, business and communications fields to work on a variety of NPDC projects.

Interns are given much responsibility and will complete their internship with high-quality work experience.


NPDC interns receive training to responsibly operate machinery and equipment at the in-house work lab.  Our interns work hard to complete projects for clients, supervised by NPDC Design Engineers.

Student Testimonial

"My experiences have been nothing but positive. Dr. Taylor, Jennifer, and Jodi are a wealth of knowledge and information, and are always willing to stop and explain things. They act as teachers first, engineers second, and seem to be invested in helping the interns be better engineers in the future. They have high expectations, and do everything they can to help us meet those expectations. The clients/sales people I've interacted with are also very understanding of the fact that we are students, so they are willing to put up with the "silly" questions, misunderstandings, and have tried to help me understand the nuances of their particular industry that they've learned over the years."

- John Wyatt
NPDC Intern 2019 - present
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