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Alumni Mentorship Program


  • Formalize a mentorship program for IEM students
  • Objective career guidance and feedback from IE professionals
  • Align with IEM department's strategic outreach objectives

The Framework

  • Students are encouraged to contact mentors as needed as with questions or concerns.  Mentors are available via email or through the program's LinkedIn group.

IEM Alumni Mentors

Syam Antony
Senior Director, Supply Chain Innovations at Nike
BS IEM 2004


Ravi Chandra

Sr. Business Analyst, Power Costs Inc.

MS IEM 2010


Randy Clark

BS IEM 2005

Previous employer(s):  Cameron


Cody Eden

BS IEM 2001

Previous employer(s):  ATC Drivetrain, IEC (LXU), Ingersoll Rand, Brunswick Corp.


Jared Green

Sr. Corporate Account Manager, Nalco

BS IEM 2005

Previous employer:  Accenture


Josh Hallman

Sr. Manager, United States Postal Service

BS IEM 2006


Brenda Shumate

BSIEM 1991, MBA 2006, MSETM 2021

Previous Employers: Williams, Occidental Petroleum, Aera Energy, Bechtel


Steven Welch

Director, Central Operations at Walmart

BS IEM 2005


Frank Groenteman


BS IEM 1975






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